Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam Review

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewI've always been a big fan of Eberlestock and this is the only company that I have actually gone out and bought two of their packs. The only reason I even sold the first one was I found out that they were coming out with a Multicam version and, well, I just had to have it. What sets Eberlestock apart from most for me is the detail that goes into the pack; parts of the pack are even hand stitched which you don't get in any pack that I know of!




Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewThis version is the F4 Terminator. I chose this version over all their others because of the versatility it offers. The F4 pack gives you one of the largest load outs while offering the ability to either attach a scabbard (when you want to carry a gun) or remove the scabbard completely so you're not carrying around extra weight when don't need to be. This also allows you to have a little more space in the pack for gear and it's one of the few packs that let you remove the scabbard to do so. This also allows you to buy your pack and save up for the scabbard if you need to; you don't have to shell out for everything at once saving you some money. The scabbard that is paired with the F4 pack is the Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard (sold separately). This scabbard fits right into the back part of the pack through a large U shaped zip opening and on the inside of this slot it's covered in MOLLE webbing just like the scabbard, allowing you to marry the scabbard to the pack. All you do is slide the scabbard into this slot, unzip the slot at the bottom and the scabbard slides right out the bottom into place. Then you just put the two clips into the MOLLE webbing and you're good to go!

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewAnother feature of the F4 is the removable butt pack; this was one of the selling points for me. Having a removable butt or fanny pack allows you to outfit this pack as a daypack or, as I've done for mine, as a detachable E&E (Escape and Evasion) pack.


Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewThe E&E is basically a small 3-day survival pack that can be quickly removed in case you need to drop the main pack and 

This small pack also has two waterproof compartments with waterproof zippers, one is for a water bladder (around 2 liters or smaller, a three liter bladder is just too big) and the other is smaller (about the size of a large cell phone) with soft padding which makes it perfect for an IPod or phone!travel fast and light. There are a million reasons why you'd want a pack like this and to be honest it's very useful when traveling. Should you have to leave the pack at the hotel, you have a daypack that you can use without having to carry two packs.



Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewThe butt pack attaches with the two compression straps through the MOLLE webbing to the top and the back of the butt pack, allowing you to take the butt pack off the pack and attach it to all load-bearing belts and vests as a fanny pack.



Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewSomething you should know is, Eberlestock doesn't take making a pack lightly, they're fantastic! You don't really appreciate how well the pack is made or how comfortable it is until it's full and you're carrying it! I've used so many packs over the year I can't tell you, and none have come anywhere close to the comfort of Eberlestock; even with over 70lbs this pack feels so good you could hike for days!


Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewOn each side of the pack you will find what I call a "tube pocket" - a long pocket that runs the full height of the pack that has MOLLE down the outside. This gives you a great place for longer items like tents, tripods or even water bladders – I easily fit two 3-liter bladders in each pocket. On the outside of these pockets is an additional pocket that is made for canteens with drawstring cinching. Drawstrings are far better than elastics here because elastic brims will loosen over time and anything you try to hold in the pocket will fall out. The whole tube pocket is cinched down with one strap on the side and because the main large straps run through these pockets, you can also use them to cinch down items on the inside if they are heavy. Right behind the tube pockets on each side is a drop pocket; this is a pocket that runs the full length of the pack with MOLLE webbing inside it. The webbing goes top to bottom not side to side. With this slot pocket you have a full length zipper and while I'm on the subject I wanted to mention that all the zippers on this pack are all YKK high quality, so you're not getting cheap zippers that are going to fail in the field dumping your gear everywhere! Eberlestock also has custom pulls so the zippers don't jingle around!

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewThese zippers allow you to fillet the pockets open on the sides to access the MOLLE webbing, to take out and put in gear. I use this slot to hide my ESEE Junglas and axe, they fit perfectly and are not visible from the outside. These pockets are also designed so that when the pack is laying flat you can use the webbing to slot rifle rounds. This webbing also can be used to attach gear (like I have with the Junglas) so it will not fall out the pocket if the pack is turned upside down. Just a note, this slot is only open in the top not the bottom, so it will not hold long items like the old Halftrack could. But this way it's far more useful in my book!




Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewWhen it comes to zippers on a front loading pack there can be a lot of strain on them when the pack is fully loaded, but Eberlestock has installed two large straps that run around the sides of the pack and across the front to both secure the pack so you don't get any sway, and to take the load off the zipper so you don't have to worry about them breaking. This is something I highly doubt would happen with this pack, and hasn't happened to me or anyone I've heard of and believe me I've done a lot of research about these packs!

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewOn the front of the pack you will find two large 2 liter pouches, there're about the size of a standard IFAK and this is one of the features I like about the F4, you don't have to buy too many accessories, this pack has tons of pouch like pockets and compartments to store your gear. In the center of these two pockets you will notice that it forms a U shaped slot, this is not a coincidence it's designed that way to be used as a shooting rest.

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewThe two pockets also have PALS webbing and this webbing continues all the way down under the pack bottom to allow for sleeping bags and other gear to be attached like I've done with the Snugpak bag. At the bottom of the pack where you attach the sleeping bag, there's a small slotted pocket just behind the back pad where you'll find the included rain cover. You can also buy additional rain cover in camo or plain colors if you need to.




Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewAs for access to the pack, you can gain access to the inside of the pack by the large storm collar that is very similar to what is found in ALICE packs. This also allows you to over stuff the pack if you need to carry added gear and one of the best things about this feature is Eberlestock has made it so the top-covering flap will accommodate the added bulk, which not all packs will!

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewOn the front of the pack you'll find two large double zipper flaps, just behind the 2-liter pockets that allow you to access the pack from the front, which is also one of my favorite features, allowing you to lay the pack flat and get in and out of it like a foot locker so you can live right out of it. It's a big deal because not all packs can be accessed from the front and this can be a HUGE pain when you need something from the bottom of the pack, and without the front loading doors you have to dump the whole pack out to get at the gear in the bottom!

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewThe inside of the Eberlestock packs and the F4 are nothing short of outstanding, they have lined every pocket with a nylon interior so the roughness of the 1000D material will not damage anything or rub on it. This also makes it easier to slip things in and out of pockets without any hassle.

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewWhen you open up the main compartment you will find two large rubberized mesh pockets (one on each side) along with two large pockets right against your back, which is designed for a military radio, and is very much like the one found in the ALICE pack. Between the top of the pack and the bottom compartment you will find a zipper shelf that will allow you to divide the top and bottom compartments. This is great if you have a DSLR or gear you need to get to without having to open the pack; the bottom compartment can be used to house the camera and lenses without interfering with the rest of the pack and can be opened and closed without having to open anything other than the bottom compartment from the front.

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewNow this brings me to the crowning achievement to the pack - comfortable straps. If you have done your research like I have, you will know that not all military style packs have thick straps. This is by design, as most are not meant to be carried right on the body. You don't need thick straps when you're wearing vests, plate carriers, or other strapping such as load-bearing gear, because most of them have padding or are so thick that thin straps would not be a problem. But Eberlestock has installed ample padding and nice wide straps that make this pack ride like a Cadillac! Also both the straps and waist strap are fully adjustable and even interchangeable, so you can get this pack to fit regardless of your size and if you should wear one down you can replace it without having to buy a whole new pack, saving you money in the long run!

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewRight out of the box the pack comes with standard size straps and I've found them to be outstanding with no problems at all. Should you need to adjust the pack you can do so easily, as the shoulder straps are held on by a fully adjustable MOLLE webbing-like designed that allows you to adjust the height of the strap to fit perfectly. The waist strap is also adjustable and can even be removed, so it's out of the way if you need it to be, because you're wearing military webbing on the body such as a load bearing kit.

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewSince we are on the topic of adjustability, the Eberlestock F4 doesn't have any full frame but it has two very adjustable stays that are mounted down each side of the back with a plastic-like insert to keep the pack contents from digging into your back. I've heard some people (who don't own the pack by the way) say a pack is no good without a frame, because of the weight you carry. I couldn't disagree more. This pack is so stable and comfortable that I would take it anywhere at any time. I've used the Canadian Military pack, Alice pack and a great many of civilian packs on the market and the Eberlestock pack comes out on top 10 times out of 10. After all if the pack wasn't as good as I say, would I have bought it twice?

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewEberlestock F4 Terminator Multicam ReviewLastly I wanted to say a special thanks to our friends at www.greenbeetlegear.com for all their help. This is where I bought my Terminator F4 and all of my Eberlestock accessories. They have some of the best prices around and very friendly and helpful staff, which made buying my pack a breeze so I wanted to say thank you very much!

   To Check Out Eberlestock Products Go To www.greenbeetlegear.com