American Kami APOCALYSPORK Review

American Kami APOCALYSPORK ReviewI've been look out for the best Spork I could find for my kit, I've always carved spoons and if I was really lazy I would just use sticks like chop sticks. But to be perfectly honest I want to have a solution where I didn't need to carve something every time, something that would just be in my kit ready to go.



American Kami APOCALYSPORK ReviewThis is a piece of gear I've been looking into getting for over a year, so it's not just something I got on a whim. I've looked at every spork I could find on the market, and after all that searching, I found two candidates. One was the TAD folding spork, which was not available anywhere so I was unable to test it... so I went with what I think is the Mother Of All Sporks!! And the final solution or ultimate solution for a survival utensil... the American Kami APOCALYSPORK!

American Kami APOCALYSPORK ReviewThe APOCALYSPORK is not your everyday sissy spoon you find at most stores, it's a real man's Spork! I remember a saying I heard once that sums up this Spork perfectly: "Eat Now Taste Later", because this Spork is larger than any on the market so you can do just that! When it comes to eating in cold weather you don't want to be sitting around too long, you want to get it done and be on your way. I've never been the kind of guy to carry a lot of pans and cooking gear, basically I carry my crusaders cup and now this Spork. I like the ability to pack up and be on the move in no time, so 99% of the time I eat either from my crusaders cup or I cook stuff on a stick over the fire. When I do need to cook something, it tends to be from a Mountain House bag or MRE bag, and this is what brings me to the best part about the APOCALYSPORK, It's the longest one out there! Your typical Titanium Spork (i.e. Snow peak) is 6.5 inches or smaller but the APOCALYSPORK is 9.3 inches of monster, so you can see at almost 3 inches larger in length, it's ideal for getting into those MRE/Mountain House food bags, where the Snow Peak Spork is just inadequate for the task!

American Kami APOCALYSPORK ReviewThe APOCALYSPORK is made by custom knife maker DJ Urbanovsky and is forged by hand out of 6AL4V medical grade titanium. I wanted Titanium because of its weight and steel-like properties, but the one thing that sets Titanium apart is it's a poor conductor of heat and cold, which makes it ideal for an eating utensil. Another nice thing about Mr Urbanovsky's great spork is, it's medical grade, which means you're not getting some Titanium that came from God knows where, and If I'm going to eat with something every day I want to make sure I have the best quality so down the road I don't find out it's been poisoning me!

American Kami APOCALYSPORK ReviewAs everyone knows by now if I carry it in my pack it has to do more than just one thing, and the American Kami APOCALYSPORK does many! First it's much larger than the dinky little spoons you find at your backpacking shops. And I have included a photo from their site so you can see how much larger!


American Kami APOCALYSPORK ReviewNext, because its Titanium, it's not going to get too hot or cold so it's great for anything you need it for, from poking the fire to scooping snow. The bonuses don't stop there, as they have incorporated many features in this spork. You get a bottle opener, pot lid lifter hook (which can also be used to lift pots off the fire as well), as well as an oxygen bottle key, which is of no use to most campers but if you're an expedition guy where you use oxygen tanks for high altitude trips, it can be very useful, or it can just be used as a carabiner hole! There's another hole that looks like a large hex key hole, which is in fact as a MSR shaker stove take down key. You also have a .25" hex drive key slot that will allow you to place the bit in the slot and use the spoon like a torque wrench!

American Kami APOCALYSPORK ReviewNow one of the things I wasn't sure about is if it would bend. I've been trying to bend this spork since I received it; it's thin and because it's Titanium, in my mind I was worried it would bend. But you can rest assured, if I was unable to bend it then neither will you - it will flex, but as far as bending goes it's a no go! As I've said before I'm very hard on gear and if the quality isn't there it will not last for me. But, like the name entails (APOCALYSPORK) I'm sure even if we don't survive the Apocalypse, this spork surely will!

I also adopted a carrying method which I can't take credit for... While perusing a site I go to all the time (, which we have a link to in our associated links section) I found that these guys were carrying this spork on the webbing of their kit and using a web dominator to securely attach the spork so it would not come off. This is just one of the ways to carry this Spork, it's a great way so I wanted to give credit where credit is due, to - great idea guys!

For my last point, the price point! I will not beat about the bush, this spork is more than other Sporks , but keep this in mind, it's custom made by DJ Urbanovsky so you're not going to see one in every camp site. It's larger than all other Sporks, it has features not found on any other spork, and it's made in the USA! So if you're in need of a Spork I strongly recommend you pick one up as you will not be disappointed!

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