PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger Review

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewIt's no secret that I like power in the woods. It allows a person to stay out as long as needed to get the job done without have to carry large amounts of batteries, which can get both bulky in weight and pricey in cost. Some battery products can cost up to 50 bucks or more and when it comes to items like your iPod or iPad, where you can't even switch out the battery for a charged one, your only choice is to charge!



PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewPowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewI was sent the PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme to test out, and after getting it and taking a look at both the features and what this little charger can do I was sold! I've been testing out the PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme for about a month now and it's quickly becoming one of my most valuable tools in the field for charging things such as batteries, iPod, GPS, and many other products I use when I travel to keep notes and keep in touch!

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewPowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewThis unit consists of one battery pack, charging attachments and a folding solar panel. What sets this charger apart is the battery pack – it's made up of a large 9000mAh Lithium Polymer battery. It allows the user to not only charger something like an IPod 8 times or a iPhone 4 6 times or even iPad twice before it needs to be charged itself, but once fully charged this unit can hold 75% of its charge for over a year, so it's ready to go when you are!

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewPowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewIt's surprisingly light and this is because of the Lithium Polymer battery! Most chargers like this have a nickel cadmium battery that can weigh several pounds depending on the battery size. This is done to save money because nickel cadmium batteries are old tech and in turn are cheaper! But with Lithium it costs a little more but the weight savings at 242g is quite a bit, and if you are planning to pack this around all over the country you want as little weight as possible!

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewPowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewThe great benefits of this product don't stop there, it's also ruggedized! This means if you drop it, it's not going to fall apart (it's shock resistant) and it's even waterproof up to 1 meter for 30mins. This is ideal if traveling because you never know what harsh conditions you will be in for and having the PowerMonkey on your back (excuse the pun) you don't have to worry about getting there and having no way to charge your gear if it's raining or snowing.

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewPowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewWhen it comes to construction many products like this tend to fail, usually because of design. I've found they leak where there are moving parts, such as ones you have to slide to turn on or it's some kind of toggle that are not 100% waterproof and can leak! But PowerTraveller has taken the PowerMonkey Extreme to the next level with something I think is revolutionary. They have done away with the toggles and went with a touch pad design similar to an iPhone. All you do to turn the unit on is slide your finger across a square pad and it's on, the same is done to turn off. All the functions are performed on this pad with a series of taps and slides, eliminating any moving parts that could let water in!

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewPowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewOn each end of the battery pack are hookups that are hidden by very secure snap lock caps. These hookups allow you to both charge your devices and also charge the unit itself. At one end you will have a round plug-in and at the other end a round plug-in and USB, the USB end is for charging your devices and the single plug-in end is for charging the battery pack.

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewNow let's talk charging. This unit is amazing for its value! I've looked into chargers like this for years for my bug out bag and camping and NONE on the market are as good or give you as much as the PowerMonkey Extreme does for value. With the PowerMonkey Extreme you get the solar panel, plus you also get a wall plug along with adapters for every wall socket in the world! That's right folks you don't have to go out and buy attachments for travel, they're all in the package! Also they have done something I really like; this unit uses the same cord for charging as it does for charging your devices, only having one cord cuts down on weight and bulk when traveling!

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger ReviewEven though the PowerMonkey Extreme can take up to 15 hours at what they call "optimum light conditions" which can translate into up to 4 days to fully charge from the sun, you have to remember that this device's capacity is far more than other similar products - at 9000mAh it takes longer to charge from the sun because it's larger! And even after a day in the sun it can charge many other devices right off! Also you can charge more than one device at the same time; with the two ports for changing you can charge one by USB and one by DC, so no waiting needed! It generally takes 10 hours or so to charge the battery pack from the wall socket to full charged, which is what I recommend doing before each trip to ensure you have power in case it's very cloudy.

If all that wasn't enough, PowerTraveller has included a tip kit with 7 connectors, which has all the most popular charging tips for cell phones, PDAs, IPhones, IPods, Smart Phones, GPS, and many other devices. This is a very big deal because with other similar kits they want to sell you the charging tips separate for up to 25 bucks each! But not with the PowerMonkey Extreme; you get all the ones you need, unless you have some kind of weird connector for your device and in that case you can buy that tip, but the seven connectors included in the kit will allow you to charge most things!

The PowerMonkey Extreme from PowerTraveller, Is a phenomenal piece of gear for the money. At around $200, you're getting a ruggedized charger which not only has all the connectors and adapters to charge anywhere in the world and under any conditions, but you're also getting something that is compact and lightweight, which can supply power to your devices anywhere at any time, and since it's solar powered it can do this almost indefinitely, making it a must have in your survival kit! Personally I take this device everywhere, even if I'm just going for the day. It's insurance that if my devices run low I have power always and that can give you a great peace of mind when traveling not having to run around looking for a outlet!

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