TI Survival Titanium Straw Review

TI Survival Titanium Straw ReviewWhen you start to get your bug out bag, every day carry, or survival kit worked out and you have most of the items you need, for me this is the time where I start to dial in the kit, taking stuff out and adding those small items that really enhance your kit.



TI Survival Titanium Straw ReviewThe TISURVIVAL straw is just such an item - a simple item yes, but a most useful item! This is what I would call a luxury item, something that is sweet to have when you get your kit all setup. I would never think of carrying a metal straw because of its weight, but the TISURVIVAL straw is made of titanium and weighs very little making it one of them "why not" items to carry!


TI Survival Titanium Straw ReviewI will admit that I use straws a lot (at home, traveling, and even camping) and something I never really thought about was a thing like BPA. You think of it for bottles and things you eat out of, but what about the item you use all the time that the liquids you drink go through: The Straw! This is not a big deal if you use a straw a few times a year but if you're like me and use them all the time, you should take it into consideration!

TI Survival Titanium Straw ReviewThis is why I switched to the TISURVIVAL straw, giving me an option I can carry all the time and use when I want a straw. The benefits of this straw are three fold: one, it helps me avoided things that may contain BPA which never hurts, the less chemicals you're exposed to the better! Two, it allows me to have a straw that I know where it's been! You all know want I'm talking about, some strange guy hands you a straw at some store, in god knows where, you have no idea where that thing has been, not that I'm paranoid about germs, but I feel it's best not to take the chance of getting sick. After all getting sick cuts down on our fun time in the wilderness!

TI Survival Titanium Straw ReviewThe third part depends on where you live... it may be seen as a weapon because you can order the straw sharpened at one end like I have! This is something I really like since I can use it as a defensive tool if I should find myself fighting for my life, but you can also use it to puncture just about anything. It makes for drinking oranges fun, you can drive it right into an orange and drink it like a natural juice box!


TI Survival Titanium Straw ReviewThe TI straw is made from high quality Titanium that is 3/8"in diameter and 9" long. The main question I had was whether it was thick enough to do stuff with it. What I mean is, will the walls of the straw be strong enough to use as an impact tool since not all straws on the market can. The TISURVIVAL straw is very well suited to this, and is far thicker than I thought it would be making it very much up to the task!


TI Survival Titanium Straw ReviewAlso something that most people may not be aware of is that Titanium is a very poor conductor of heat and cold whichit makes an ideal choice for a straw. If you were to use steel it could stick to your mouth in the cold, but you don't get that with Titanium... it gets cold and hot but not that much!

Cleaning: I figured out a cool way to clean this straw or any straw. You could use a gun cleaning kit, which may work for you since the straw is metal, or you can do what I do which is to take a wooden BBQ skewer and use it like you would when you're cleaning a gun - take a small piece of paper towel or cloth and use the skewer to drive it down through the straw, and keep repeating this using a different clean piece of paper towel each time till it comes out the other side clean as it did when it went in!

TI Survival Titanium Straw ReviewI figured this out when I first received the product, and I thought "it's reusable yes, but how the hell do I clean the inside"! Something I thought of and I'm sure something many people will think of, without an option to clean it they may pass on buying something that's great! So I wanted to point out if you clean it this way it's very easy to keep it germ free, after all you can do it with a stick In the middle of the woods, and for me that's a good indicator that it's a survival item" when you can "field strip" and clean it easy in the field!

You can buy the TISURVIVAL Straw in plain Titanium or in cool colors and designs like this one. The craftsmanship is very good and something I'll also point out is they are all made in the USA. So you're getting something that's not only hand made in the USA, but you're keeping North Americans in jobs and in this day and age that never hurts anyone!

And lastly the final selling point for me, this product is reusable. In a day and age where everything is "throw it away and get another one" I like to have things that are reusable, cut down on pollution and give you the ability to be able to say "I'm part of the solution not the problem"!

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