Humangear GoToob & GoTubb Review

Humangear GoToob & GoTubb ReviewI recently picked up these two items and have been using in both my bug out bag and travel kit. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't find a good carrying container for liquids when traveling, and many of the ones you use come with drawbacks such as not being trustworthy for travel since they will spill or explode.



Humangear GoToob & GoTubb ReviewThe GoToob is the answer; they're made from a very lightweight and durable silicone that's both long lasting and safe for food storage! Another added feature is all sizes are approved for travel on planes and they are also BPA and PC-free, making them the ideal choice whether you're carrying food or soap. All sizes come with a no drip valve that works very well; once you stop squeezing the bottle it sucks any residual drips back into the tube, keeping it both clean and free of leaks.

Humangear GoToob & GoTubb ReviewThese seemingly simple tubes or Toobs have far more to them than meets the eye. For instance the medium size tubes have a convenient little suction cup on the back, allowing you to stick the tube to mirrors, showers and just about any flat slick surface. When traveling I like to stick it to the inside of the shower stall which keeps it out of the way yet easy to access. Once you're done you just pop it off! The medium size 2oz ones with the suction cup are my favorite and are probably the right size for most people but if you need to take less, they have a 1.25oz model and even a large model at 3oz if you need to take more!

Humangear GoToob & GoTubb ReviewNow let's talk organization. These bottles come in four colors: orange, blue, red and green and can also be found in clear! This is one way you can tell them apart, but these tubes also have a little hidden feature - at the brim of the cap where it meets the bottle you will see a ring which can be spun around till the little window is over the marking of what you have in the bottle.



Humangear GoToob & GoTubb ReviewThe markings are preset with Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Sun and three dots that can be used for whatever you want, but for most people like me, they will find the nice little presets very useful for identifying what's in the bottle. This is even more important if you get all your bottles in the same size and color. We all hate when you're traveling and you mark or stick labels to bottles and they rub or fall off... With the GoToobs this is eliminated and gives you a foolproof way of knowing what's in the bottle! To set the label all you do is take the cap off and twist the base till the label you want is revealed, and then when the cap is placed back on the bottle it locks it into place so it can't change on you!

Humangear GoToob & GoTubb ReviewSomething that you many have not thought of is that using something like these bottles will save you money by not having to buy little travel size bottles each time you go somewhere and allowing you to use the products you have at home. This also is good if you have products that you have to use all the time and you can't find small travel size versions!


Something I will point out is that when I first received the bottles, the cap was very easy to pull off from the silicone bottle but once I filled the bottle and put the cap on it was impossible to pull off. I realized what was happening - the cap was causing a reverse suction, locking the cap to the bottle, I was worried at first, thinking that the bottles were not that good, but once I fill them up and put the cap on they were rock solid, again an instance where man is the flaw not the product! I pointed this out because I didn't want people to try them out in the store or when they get them and think "that's not right" and have to figure it out the way I did, this way you will know the product is not defective, you are (ha ha)!

I've used a number of squeeze bottles over my many years of backpacking and I will tell you this, those cheap bottles you buy or get are nowhere near the quality of Humangear GoToobs. I've had many cheap bottles split open and all the soap has poured all over my bag, and I've even had them explode when traveling by plane! When you get to where you're going and the inside of your bag is covered with soap, it just sucks! That's why I would recommend these bottles and I use them myself. No longer do you have to worry with the GoToobs because they are flexible and can take the abuse of travel. Sure you can put your cheap bottles in zip-loc bags but they will still break open and spill, and that's frankly a pain in the butt when you're on vacation to have a good time. No one wants to clean up and do a wash because the bottles leaked!

let's get into the second products I received from Humangear... These ones are called the GoTubb, more ingenious products from Humangear! These little tubs come in many sizes from. 9cu. in. to 5.3cu. in., giving you a size for just about anything you need from pills to spices! What's so ingenious about these little tubs is the way they lock. Once your tub is full, all you do is fully push the top down and it locks closed, no screwing down, very simple!

How it works is the tub is beveled around the outside and the lid has tiny little ridges on the inside. Once the lid is pushed down, the ridges lock under the bevel. This design is surprisingly very strong, and I have not had one come open when traveling! But not only do they work well and have a strong hold, they are super simple to open - all you do is squeeze the cap near the base and it just pops off. Now that seems like it would open up if there was pressure applied to the tub in your pack. But in order for the tub to open you have to push on both opposing sides at the same time, in the groove for it to work, which acts like a safety feature keeping them from coming off or opening in your pack! This is such a well designed option that I'm surprised more companies don't use it for things like pill bottles!

Now the uses of the GoTubbs don't stop there. You can also use them to carry change. This is a big deal here in Canada, where we carry so much change that sometimes I feel like Robin Hood with that sack of coins on my belt! The small version of the GoTubb is ideal for carrying everything from quarters to Toonies (Canadian 2 Dollar coin), and you can also carry a combination of all! Because the GoTubb is beveled, if you stack coins you can fill it with the smaller quarters or if you do want to fill it with Toonies or loonies (Canadian 1 Dollar coin), you will have to stack them to fit around the grooves in the GoTubb but you can fit them both in no problem! And you can carry over 10 bucks in one GoTubb, and best of all no jingling down the street!

The GoTubbs also come in a number of colors like blue/white, green/white, and clear/white and as mentioned are ideal for carrying everything from coins, spices to pills. The only thing I think I would of adding is a way to label them so you know what pills or spices you're carrying and a labeling system similar to the GoToobs so you can't rub them off or have them fall off!

These are a very useful product and I recommend you take a look at them for your next trip!

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