Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe Review

Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewWith summer here now, I was in search of a lightweight shoe I could use for crossing brooks, and something that would allow me to get out of my hiking boots after a long day! I also wanted something that was lightweight - this was paramount because if I'm going to carry something that I would consider a "luxury item" it can't take up weight or space, or I most likely will not carry it!



Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewAfter doing a few weeks of research (like I do for all reviews and some I've searched for months to years to find the right product) I found the Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe. In my travels there was a lot of talk about this shoe, so when I checked them out I was pleasantly surprised! When I think of Timberland the first thing that comes to mind is boots or clothing. These are things I've bought in the past and I'll be perfectly honest, Timberland was not a company that I would of thought of for backpacking gear like this!

Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewThe Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe is one of the best ideas I've seen in years for a lightweight pack shoe. I've used Tevas, sandals and other types of shoes carried on the outside of my pack for years, to be used for crossing brooks, in boats and things of that nature. The flaw with these types of shoes is the weight and pack size, not something you would want to take on long trips. This is why I was on the lookout for something better if not something great!

Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewThe Timberland Radlers gives the backpacker or traveler just want is needed in the world of travel and adventure, a shoe that is very compact and lightweight. This makes the shoe a real asset and not a burden like most heavy shoes and sandals can be. We all know when traveling by plane, your shoes can be the biggest waste of space and weight in your bag!


Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewConstruction of the Radler is made up of a light and durable ripstop nylon upper combined with a rubber outsole, which is made from 42% recycled rubber. This version in the review is the camp trail and Timberland also has a Boat version. The difference between the two is the sole. With the camp trail you get a hiking boot-like sole that can be a little hard on the feet at first if you're walking around town on hard surfaces. Once they wear or get broken in I'm sure this will become less noticeable or you will grow accustomed to it.

Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewWhere the Trail Camper comes into its own is on the trail. This shoe is awesome on hikes or around the campsite. The Radler Trail Camp sole is so tacky I would compare it to wearing a climbing shoe - it sticks to everything, providing you with a shoe that's grippy even when wet, and you don't notice the large lugs under the shoe on the softer terrain. The upper also reminds me of a climbing shoe, thin ripstop nylon which hugs the foot, but something I wanted to also point out is that nylon can be hard on the feet so Timberland has lined the whole shoe with a felt like material making it velvety soft, so it can even be worn without socks! The innersole is also made of a thick felt that can be removed for cleaning or drying!

Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewThe lacing: this is what takes all the time when crossing rivers, having to unlacing your boots and trading shoes. But as a small added feature, the Timberland Radlers have a quick pull and snitch design that allows the user to pull the laces tight and using a cord lock system you can lock the laces in place quickly without having to fiddle with them! This cuts the time it would take you to get the shoes on and off in half so you can get back to your hike.



Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewI did notice this type of lace is long on the shoe, so you may have to trim the size for your size foot, but this is good so you don't get laces that are too short. But it brings me to the one down side... I don't know where I would get new laces and Timberland has sewn a little tab on the end of the laces so they are unable to be cut off unless you cut this tab off. This is something I would like Timberland to address - if or how you can trim them to fit and where you can get replacement laces. As we all know laces are usually the first thing to go. I never bothered to trim the laces, all I do is tuck the laces in and out; weaving them down the front till they're securely woven in among the laces.

For colors: this shoe comes in many, you can find it in Orange, Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, and even Camo like the ones in this review!

Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe ReviewThe Radler Trail Camp Boat version is the same shoe only with a flatter sole making them ideal for harder surfaces like in town or on large boats. The boat version is the one I would recommend for traveling when you're more likely to run into pavement and sidewalk than you are trails and water!

I'm glad Timberland makes both versions; it greatly increases the usefulness of the shoe design over a vaster audience. Another thing I wanted to add, Timberland is also coming out with a very fetching leather version! So even if you're not backpacking and you want one for travel, this gives you a version that's dressier than a runner for those nights on the town!

Now for what sets this shoe apart from all others and I saved it for the last, it folds and zips up! The Timberland Radler Trail Camper Shoe was designed so that it can be folded in half and zipped up, for easy packing and travel! I also wanted to mention about the zipper, it runs the full outside of the shoe and I thought it would be a question for anyone looking to buy a pair for more fashion than function; you can rest assured that the zipper is not really noticeable once the shoe is unzipped and you're wearing it. The zipper really blends into the sole quite well and it's very unlikely anyone will even notice it!

I can't tell you how many times this shoe could've saved me when traveling. As most travelers know when traveling the highest cost in weight and space is shoes, they don't fold up like clothing, and the heavy rubber soles makes most shoes take up much of the weight one is allowed in a suitcase. But once the Radlers are folded both shoes take up about as much space as one small deck shoe. That's why I think the Radlers from Timberland are doing for travelers what the Spork did for camping - giving you a far better use of space and weight and for us backpackers that's what it's all about!

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