The Leatherman Surge Review

The Leatherman Surge ReviewSimply... Wow! I have to confess that I've been a very loyal fan of SOG EOD tools for many, many years. But I think Leatherman has them beat! I've been using the MONSTER tool from Leatherman called the Surge, and I say Monster, because this tool is heavier and larger than any other I've used from any company! The Surge feels more like a tool you would have in your garage, and my first thought was MAC tool! The Surge I would say is the MAC tool of Multi-tools, the one that is trusted everywhere and is heavy duty enough to do anything!


With the Surge you're getting 21 tools in this Multi-tool:

•Needle-nose Pliers
•Regular Pliers
•Wire Cutters
•Hard-wire Cutters
•Stranded-wire Cutters
•Electrical Crimper
•420HC Knife
•420HC Serrated Knife
•Wood/Metal File
•Diamond-coated File
•Blade Exchanger
•Large Bit Driver
•Small Bit Driver
•Large Screwdriver
•Awl w/ Thread Loop
•Ruler (9 inch/22 cm)
•Bottle Opener
•Can Opener
•Wire Stripper

The Leatherman Surge ReviewIn addition you also get metric and inch rulers that go the full length of the tool when the tool is laid with both handles stretched out, so that you can get the maximum measuring distance. I've never been a big fan of the metric system so I'm happy to see they have both.



The Leatherman Surge ReviewThis model is the Black Oxide Version , this is a Military version, but it also comes in stainless steel so you can get it any way you want! I prefer the military version just because I personally think it looks cooler, but both are just as good, its mostly cosmetic, but if you are military you may want the Black Oxide Version to cut down on glare in the field. The last thing you want to do is let a sniper see a flash from the tool while you working on something.

The Leatherman Surge ReviewWhat really sets the Surge apart is not just its heavy-duty design, but it also has tools incorporated into it that are ideally laid out. They're also larger than any multi-tool accessories I've seen. There are two knives in the Surge line, one's serrated and one's plain edge, and both are over 3 inches which is something I really like - you get a blade that is large enough so it can be used for many tasks, not just in an emergency like with most Multi-tools. I would even go as far to say that this tool's setup can allow you to do many of the tasks you used to do with your field knife because the blades are the same size as most folding knives! This is also something that can offset the added weight for the Surge, not having to carry a folder or field knife and a multi-tool; you can easily get away with just packing the Surge.

The Leatherman Surge ReviewThe tools of the Surge are very well thought out, It's been designed so that the ones you use all the time are all installed on the outside of the tool, and this makes it so you don't have to open up the tool to get at them. There are 4 tools on the outside: the Surge Scissors, double tooth saw blade, serrated and straight edge blades. Also, because these tools are on the outside and designed very well, this means you can get them in and out of the tool with one hand, and this may not mean much for most people but if you're Military, Search & Rescue or just someone who wants to be prepared, being able to get your multi-tool out and open with one hand can save your life one day.

The Leatherman Surge ReviewOn the inside of the Surge you will find many tools, the ones you would use but not every day. On the inside of one of the handles you will find a large flat head, which can also be use as a pry bar. A precision screwdriver like this, which I have never seen on a multi-tool, is very welcome. I often find myself around electronics and I also wear glasses and this screwdriver allows me to do maintenance on both while also cutting down on weight by not having to carry other tools, only the bits for the Surge! And lastly a large awl with thread loop... this will allow you to make repairs on clothing, and sew as well as bore holes. It also serves as a tool for striking your fire steel so you don't dull your blade! In the other handle you will find the bit driver as well as the can opener/ bottle opener.

The Leatherman Surge ReviewI also wanted to point out my biggest problem with multi-tools, the handles! They tend to pinch your hand when using them, like my old Gerber did. SOG solved this with plates over the handles to make them smoother, but Leatherman went one step further and just did what every company should do and just rounded them off. This way there is no problem - well done Leatherman!

This brings me to one of the best features of the Surge, the Blade Exchanger! The interchangeable blade on this tool allows you to change out the double saw blade for a metal/wood file, or other like accessories.

The Leatherman Surge ReviewNow that we are on the subject of accessories, let's talk about all the great ones you can get for the Surge! With the Surge I received a very comprehensive bit kit, and Leatherman also has a Canadian Replacement Bit set (not sure what they are for exactly but I'm assuming they are metric bits). The bit set is one of the reasons I think I will be trading out my SOG EOD for the Surge. With this bit kit and the added accessories you can get, it allows you to shape the Surge around your kit and have all the tools and bits, even sockets, to do all the maintenance you would need to in the field, whether you're Army or not.

The main parts of the tool, the needle nose pliers, are standard and very strong. You will have no problem cutting just about anything you need to, and they also have an Electrical Crimper in the middle where the pliers meet the handle. There are only two things I wish this tool had to make it perfect, a compound lever system like SOG has to increase your power, plus it would've been nice to see replaceable cutters in the pliers so blades can be changed out when they get dull.

The Leatherman Surge ReviewHowever, being dull or broken doesn't matter with Leatherman! They make up for just about any shortcoming with their awesome guarantee. Here is a direct quote from their site - "Our warranty is simple. You broke it, we'll fix it. No questions, no hassles, no wasting your time." How's that for a guarantee, if you should break it or it becomes damaged, you send it in to Leatherman, and if it's within 25 years of the product being bought, they will fix it or replace it FREE! You're also covered even if you bought the tool secondhand or it was handed down to you; as long as it's under their 25 year limit you're covered, even if they don't make it anymore they will fix it or replace is with a new equal value tool, which I think is outstanding.

Next is the amazing sheath that comes with the Surge. Well it did with the one I have! The sheath is made from black Cordura and is easily a 25 dollar sheath. The sheath is designed with a large grommet at the bottom for drainage and an elastic-like sleeve on the inside to house your bit set! No longer do you need to carry two pouches, one for the bit set and one for the tool, now you can carry them both in one! Also it holds the bit set very snug so you're not going to be pulling the bits out when you draw the tool from the sheath. This sheath is also MOLLE compatible, which allows me to mount this tool to just about any of my gear bags, saving me room in the pack. This way I don't have to take up space in my pack, I just mount it to a strap or the webbing on the pack, and the attached MOLLE strap holds the sheath very secure.

This sheath has a built in strap, which may worry some about wear, but it's designed so that even if the MOLLE strap with the snap is completely removed (such as if you don't like it or it wears out or you need to cut it off) you can easily slide a Tactical Tailor style MOLLE Clip, right into the back and you're go to go.

We here at strive to find the very best in Outdoor and Military tools and gear, to show what is the best and who makes it! And Leatherman tools are one example of what we look for in gear: high quality, reasonable cost, and a company who stands by their products and Leatherman fits the bill 100% on all counts!

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