AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads Review

AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewFor many years I found that when trapping day after day, my knees would kill me over time. I've done everything from kneeling on my backpack to wrapping my knees, but all those solutions are not ideal when moving all day long and after kneeling on hard frozen ice and ground!

AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewSo I set out to do some research to find a pair of kneepads that I could add to my compliment of gear for general tasks like trapping. I've used kneepads in sports such as volleyball years ago, but never for things like setting traps and general use, which when you think about it, they would be ideal for such needs!


AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewI wanted to get the best for my kit so I spent about 2 months looking at just about every pair I could find, thinking the higher the price the better the value, but I was wrong. First I went to Canadian Tire and found some, but the prices were out of this world, around $60 to $90 dollars, and were just made of neoprene. I knew this would not last long in the woods nor would it protect me from water because water would just soak through neoprene and as you can see the price is way too much. I didn't want to spend anywhere near that.

I started doing some research on what people have been saying and I watched YouTube videos, reviews, and articles trying to find what everyone was recommending as the best.

AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewAfter a few months I decided on a pair that came highly recommended by just about everyone, and here's the best part, you can pick up both the knee and elbow pads for around $15 to $25 bucks a set!

I know what you're thinking - $15 bucks how good can they be. I thought the same but decided to get them anyway because they came so highly recommended!

AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewAfter using the AltaFLEX knee and elbow pads for a while I found them to be ideal for the tasks I needed them for. As a bonus, the low cost makes them very affordable to replace should they wear out! Also they are interchangeable so they're not right or left, they fit any leg. They're perfect for soldiers who will be able to use one on the dominant kneeling leg and save the other for a friend or later if the one you're using wears out! When looking for gear I tend to go with mil-spec gear - not that I'm a military fanatic, it's just I enjoy getting what I pay for and time and time again when you buy durable gear like mil-spec it lasts forever, saving me money in the long run!

AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewNow let's get down to the product itself. The model tested was the Multicam version (after all if you're going to get a set why not have it match the rest of your kit ha ha). Honestly color was not important but I had the choice so I did!



AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewThe design of the AltaFLEX Knee and elbow pads are awesome. Back in the day I used versions of kneepads where you spent all your time pulling them up, but with the AltaFLEX you don't have to worry. The design is very finely tuned; on the back of the kneepads you get two straps, one is elastic and the other webbing. The webbing strap is placed just above the calf muscle and the webbing strap doesn't stretch like the elastic one. This holds the kneepad in place just above the calf so there is no sliding down and this system even keeps the kneepad in place if the top strap is removed!

AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewThe lower strap is fixed because the lower part of the knee where the calf is has very little flex, but the upper strap is elastic so that when the knee and thigh moves and flexes it flexes right with it keeping the knee pad in place without any falling.

What sets this pair of kneepads and elbow pads apart from most is the Altalok system. It's an A-shaped lock that is similar to what is found on overalls, which allows the user to remove the fittings without sound, unlike Velcro! These do have Velcro on them but after you fit the pads you don't use the Velcro to remove the pad, you use the Altalok to snap them on and off quickly! This system is nice, secure, and fast so it makes taking the pads off effortless!

Now let's talk comfort, and let's face it if they're uncomfortable you won't wear them! For comfort I would give them a 9.5/10. The only reason I'm hesitant to award a 10 is that you may find the straps abrasive on bare skin. When worn with pants they are 100% comfortable and I was able to wear them all day without any discomfort aside from sweating!

AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow Pads ReviewNow for use, I used these for setting traps, setting up camp as well as kneeling for long periods carving and cutting wood. This is what surprised me the most as I was not expecting them to be so comfortable, and was fully expecting to feel rocks and even the wet of the ground, but nothing! They both kept my knees dry and pain free.

I think it has to do with the large amount of padding behind the thick but flexible skid plate. The plastic-like plate on the front of the kneepads and elbow pads is quite flexible, and it's not easy to make something protective and soft so it contours with the body at the same time.

On the back of the skid plate is the padding which is wrapped in Cordura® Nylon with a soft felt like inner lining, and the whole pad is held together with 6 brass grommets which you can't feel In any way after using them!

Usually you get one or the other, comfort or fit and you're happy you got it, but with the AltaFLEX CRYE-Multicam Altalok Knee And Elbow pads you get the best of both worlds at a very affordable price and I highly recommend them!

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