GERBER DownRange Sharpener Review

GERBER DownRange Sharpener ReviewThe term "downrange" is slang among military for going overseas to battle or for someone who has gone to war. Many teams don't carry large heavy amounts of gear so what they do carry needs to be light, dependable and made to last.




GERBER DownRange Sharpener ReviewI and many other outdoor enthusiasts like to take the same approach to gear when it comes to camping and survival packs. For long-term survival you want to have all the gear items you need to make life easy, but it's very important to cut weight! When you're carrying something for weeks in the bush I can tell you that pack seems to get heavier every day and if you can get a lighter, better, product it makes carrying it that much easier!

GERBER DownRange Sharpener ReviewI've used and reviewed many sharpeners and one I really liked is the Smith Pocket Pal, but it's nowhere near the quality of the DownRange sharpener by GERBER. Although the Downrange sharpener is small (it fits in the palm of your hand) it's a very high quality sharpener, and the body is made from the same materials found in GERBERs sheaths like the LMF II SURVIVAL knife. This material is a very hard, strong injected resin similar to what is found in their axe handles. This resin material is nearly impossible to break in my book and makes the ideal material for sheaths and handles. In fact, everyone I know owns GERBER and FIskars axes and I have yet to meet anyone who has broken or damaged one.

GERBER DownRange Sharpener ReviewWith this sharpener you're getting three sharpeners in one, a pull sharpener made of two carbon blades, which I noticed are thicker then any other pull sharpeners I own. This makes them last far longer before they need to be replaced, and this also brings me to a very good point - "they can be replaced". You can't do this with all sharpeners, and more often than not you'll have to toss them away after a lot of use and this drives up the cost when having to replace the whole sharpener! With GERBER it will cost just a few bucks to replace the blades making this an item that will last for many years!

GERBER DownRange Sharpener ReviewThe Downrange Sharpener also has two other sharpeners for a total of three; one on each side which are diamond coated steel rods in two sizes, designed for getting into those hard to sharpen spots like serrations and gutting hooks. On the back you'll find a diamond coated steel plate - this can be used to finish the blade or sharpen areas like the tips. This stone can also be used for arrowheads and points. Something to note, all the plates and stones on this sharpener are screwed to the body, not just stuck on with glue like many other brands! This makes them far more durable and less susceptible to water damage and coming apart. Often when you find sharpeners that have been glued together, when you wet the stone or apply oil to sharpen or get it wet in your travels the stones will start to fall off and this is why I think GERBER went with the more dependable way of attaching with screws which makes it last longer for you the end user!

GERBER DownRange Sharpener ReviewThis sharpener also comes with a large lanyard hole with 550 cord attached. This is something that doesn't sound like a big deal but it's a must with an item like this. You should always remember to dummy cord your sharpeners, lights and any other items you will be taking in and out of your pack often, they're very easy to lose in low light situations or in cases where your on the go and in a hurry you can drop the items without noticing. I've done this many times years ago before I started dummy cording everything - nothing is worse then hiking for miles only to find something was left behind and having to walk all that way back to get it!

GERBER DownRange Sharpener ReviewNow let's talk price... I will say this; it's compact and high quality. Some sharpeners you find, you think are a buy, end up being much lower quality and you spend almost the same money in the long run for the cheaper ones! I will admit this item is pricier then some of the others in its class but it's a GERBER so it's in a class of its own, and in this case it's worth it! You're getting very high quality both in the sharpener surfaces as well as the body. I can say with very high confidence that this tool will outlast any similar product that is near this price! The DownRange sharpener also comes down to, "do you want to by one or do you want to by 10". If you buy the cheaper sharpeners you will buy many of them, and I've found out from experience that it pays to buy the high quality item for a few more dollars then try to skimp and end up spending twice that in the long run for the cheap stuff!

GERBER DownRange Sharpener ReviewWhen it comes to color the DownRange Sharpener is a nice coyote tan, as are all the new products in the DownRange line. I like the tan color... it's still a natural color and looks great, but if you should drop it, I've found in areas where I live like (New Brunswick Canada) it's easier to find on the ground over black or green.

I also noticed that GERBER is pointing out this product has a lifetime warranty. If this product should become damaged due to defects they will repair, replace or even exchange your product for an equal value item. This is similar to what Leatherman has and I think it's quite a good warranty. I feel it allows the user to enjoy the product without having to worry if they got a defective item, and when it comes to warranties you really need to watch out and get a quality one like GERBER!

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