EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera Review

EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewWe've spent the past few weeks reviewing the EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera and my impressions of this camera are nothing but stellar, the CARBINE is without question one of the best HD action cameras on the market!




EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewI will admit when I first started, I fully expected that the image quality to be poor on bumpy dirt roads while going fast. I've seen may other camera of this type start to pixilate at high speeds when on very rough roads, but after using the CARBINE I've been sold on these cameras!



EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewWe were out all day riding the way we always do, we never took it easy on the camera in any way, and even after reviewing the footage (almost 4 hours worth) there wasn't a single case of pixilation on the footage. I found the footage to be remarkable for such a small camera, and what impressed me the most was even on very bad roads the quality was pristine.


EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewThe EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P camera may be small but packs a large amount of features. When it comes to quality you can change from 1920 x 1080p right down to 800 x 480 and every thing in between. This is done by clicking the up and down arrows and changing the starts on the display; 5 stars gives you 1920 x 1080p and you can change down to 4, 3, 2, and one star depending on the quality you want. Some might ask why would you want to change the quality, well if you're out on a long day and run low on storage you can get more out of a small SD card by lowering the quality and if you lower the quality you can get a higher frame rate from 30 to 60 which will help in very fast activities. But as you can see from the video we had it on 30fps and the quality was flawless so I can't even see you needing more unless you're doing something like skydiving!

EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewSomething that really shocked me was the sound quality - the microphone is pretty much undetectable but has fantastic quality! When the camera is stopped you can hear everything from birds to your buddies speaking even if they are meters away! The sound quality does get poorer when traveling in high wind or fast speeds but that happens to just about any camera, even ones that cost thousands, if you don't use a microphone with a wind shield.

EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewThe EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P camera isn't waterproof, but we were hard on the camera taking it through dust, mud and even splashed the camera with a large amount of water while going through a deep mud hole, and all that being done to the camera it was fine, not a drop got into the camera and after wiping off the lens it was ready to go in seconds!


EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewYou can buy a waterproof housing for the CARBINE and it's not going to break the bank as you can pick one up for around $29 bucks, which will make the camera totally waterproof. I don't feel it's needed, but if you're doing activities such as surfing and skiing I would invest in one - it's a great accessory!


EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewWith the CARBINE HD you get many accessories such as two 3M sticker mounts (which one we used on the side by side to mount the camera to the hood), they stick to anything and are a really high quality mount, even after all we put it through the mount never moved or even came close to loosening up!


You can use up to a 32gb SD card with the CARBINE and with our review we used a high quality Sandisk 8GB class 10 Extreme SDHC SD card. I recommend using a high quality class 10 card because when using fast HD cameras you can get a bottle neck if you use a low quality cards. This can affect the quality of the camera's ability to write fast to the card, and if you can't write fast to the card you can get drops in frame rate and in turn get choppy and poor quality video!

EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P Camera ReviewSomething that I thought would affect the quality of video was dust, since we were traveling on dusty back roads and at times the camera would be behind someone on a 4 wheeler in our party, but the CARBINE really impressed me in this aspect. The lens is shaped in the same way as your eye is and I think this bubble-like design helps to drive wind over the lens to keep dust from sticking, it also acts like a fish eye lens with a 160° diagonal viewing angle and this brings in a larger image then a smaller camera would.

As an added feature I was not expecting from a small video camera, you can also take action stills that can be set from 1 to 9 shots and also has an adjustable 10/30 second self time for getting shots of the group or landscapes. You can enter the still mode by clicking the M button twice, then to shoot just click S for start!

When you purchase the EPIC CARBINE HD 1080P camera you're getting the main camera, a strap mount and strap so that the camera can be mounted to things such as roll bars and bumpers, and 2 contoured adhesive mounts with 3M adhesive strips as I mentioned earlier. I make a point of telling you about the 3M because many mounts may have adhesive strips on them but 3M is the best, when you're in and out of water mud and dirt it really helps to have high quality adhesion. Many such mounting products have cheap adhesive and this can result in losing your camera or damage when they come loose! So it doesn't pay to skimp when it comes to something so cheap... these adhesive strips probably only cost a buck or so but it will be worth the extra money when you don't lose your camera and it's nice that they didn't go with the cheaper stuff! You also get an elbow mount, which is very flexible and allows you to tilt the camera so you can get shots on an angle.

The website says that the camera comes with a USB cable but I didn't get one in the package.

Another surprise was the kit came with batteries, I know not much only 3 AAA Energizers, but its nice to see that they put them in and it makes the camera usable right out of the box so you can pick a camera up and you're away – it's all in the pack ready to go!

The screen of the unit is quite good as you have indicators for battery, SD card, settings and time. The only down side is that the screen is not backlit and can be hard to read in the dark or low light.

Something I found from having used the camera on a ride for over 4 hours straight was the battery was still full! So the battery life of the EPIC CARBINE is truly EPIC, I've never used a camera for more then 4 hours and still had the battery have a full charge left. I even took two sets of AAA with me fully, expecting the first set to be dead after about an hour but after 4 hours I was shocked to find that the battery didn't even visibly go down!

Once you get back to the camp or home you can see your videos two ways. You can remove the SD card and install it into your computer or you can use a Mini USB cable to plug the camera right into some TVs allowing you to watch right from the camera!

The CARBINE also has an auto shut off allowing you to set the camera to shut down in 3 or 5 minutes, ideal if you want to take short videos and can't get at the camera right away to stop it.

This video camera also has an added accessory you can buy called the EPIC VIEWER which makes it much easier to see your video plus makes it easier for setting up the camera for that perfect shot!

All I can say in closing is this camera is very much worth buying, being able to save those good times in real time is truly priceless!

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