Streamlight ProTac HL Review

Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewThe HL is the first flashlight I've reviewed by Streamlight. Streamlight is a manufacturer of quality lights for every market from industrial to military, they make a wide assortment of lights from mini tac lights all the way to flood and search lights.




Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewProtec HL is a very nice version if you're looking for a compact simple to use light. When it comes to power the Protec delivers big time! It puts out 600 lumens, which is a high out put for a small EDC (Every Day Carry) light. Most lights I've used in the same class are around 200 to 300 lumens, so the HL is twice that while still being small enough to carry on your belt every day!


Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewOne of the things that struck me the most about the light is how simple it was to use. Often I use lights and they have very complicated systems... some are like remembering S.O.S to operate. And God help you if you should not use the light for a few months, you need to get the manual out again just to remember how!


Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewThe body of the light is your standard black tactical light with beveling around the face of the light; this is used for impact related tasks such as breaking windows and self-defense. Some lights make these bevels so sharp you can find them cutting right through your pack with wear, but the Protec HL bevels are ideal - not sharp edges to cut clothing but beveled enough to do the tasks it was intended for!


Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewThis brings me to another point - self-defense. You don't need to be a survival dude or police officer to own one. The Protec HL can be a very useful and nonlethal form of protection. I would recommend a light like the Protec HL for a woman or man who walks a lot or just wants to have something on them for protection against dogs or anything else. I don't recommend you go around doing it but if you should find yourself in a life-threating situation a quick flash from a tactical light can blind an attacker for a long time allowing you to get away. Even if that didn't work, because the light is made from 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum and has bevels in the face that are very hard, it can be used as an impact tool. Also from a legal perspective carrying a flashlight instead of something like a knife may very well show that you have 100% nonlethal intent and you are just looking to protect yourself!

Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewThe ProTec HL also comes with a MOLLE compatible sheath which I will be honest is not the best sheath, but it's far better than most I've seen and it's just nice to get something that will protect your light and allow you to carry it on your belt without having to buy another accessory!



Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewThe HL has a simple operating system - all you do is one click for high, on your second click you will get strobe and on your third click you get low. You can also program the light using the smart computer chip, you can program the light by clicking 10 times and you can make the light operated in high and low mode or low and high mode, or you can do as I have and leave it in default as high, strobe, low. I feel this is the best setting because you use the high mode 90% of the time and strobe and low are modes few people use and if they do is not all the time!

Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewThe battery life of the Protec HL is quite good for a very high output light. It gives you 1 hour 15 minutes on its highest setting and 18 hours on its lowest setting with around 2.5 hours on strobe. All this is from only two CR123 batteries (which are also included in the package). I would recommend buying your CR123 batteries in bulk because they can become pricey! If you're buying just one they can run around 3 to 6 dollars each, but if you buy them in bulk you can get the batteries for around 50 cents each and they tend to have 10 year shelf life and over so it's worth it to buy in bulk!

Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewWith the Protec HL you get a more tactical beam than what you would get with a more civilian light. What I mean by that is with a true tactical light you get a very sharp and bright center beam with a spill beam around the out side. This is ideal for targeting with the light as it gives you maximum light in the center while still being able to see what is going on around you. With a more civilian light (something you find at your hardware store) you get a more consistent beam, which is mostly spill, but no center beam. This is one of the reasons we prefer tactical lights - super output, sharp target beam and a large spill beam so you can see everywhere.

This is like getting two lights in one and once you use a tactical light over your standard lights you will never go back!

Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewI use tactical lights everyday when traveling in the woods. I often don't leave the fishing hole till it starts to get dark and when you're traveling on trails overgrown with trees, you don't even get star or moon light, it's black! One day when traveling back from a fishing trip while using a cheap light from Canadian Tire, it broke down and we walked right into the woods because the trail was so overgrown. Without a light like the Protec HL you can't tell the trail from the woods! This is another good point about Tactical light... I've used many over the years and never had one break down or stop working, so over a cheaper light it's well worth the extra few dollars just for the assurance that your light will be there to rely on!

Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewTo give you some idea on how bright a 600 lumens tactical light can be (and keep in mind it fits in the palm of your hand), a standard 3D Maglite is around 76 to 82 lumens, and you need to carry it like a nightstick it's so big! So you're getting a light that is around nearly 7 times as bright for just under 6 inches which I think we can all agree is very acceptable!

Now for price... the Protec HL will run you around $90 to $120 in price, but when you compare other tactical lights out there with the same output they run closer to $200 so I think the Protec HL is a hell of a buy for a 600 lumen light!

Streamlight ProTac HL ReviewThe Protec HL makes a great option if you're looking for an everyday light, it's high output makes it very useful for just about everything from quick spot checks to all night searching. And at a price under $100 bucks Its very affordable and powerful!





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