StreamLight Super Tac X Review

StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewThe Tac X is a compact option over a larger light, and is ideal for replacing larger flashlights such as 4D cell Maglite and large police type lights. The Tac X gives you a compact size, but twice the power of a 4D Maglite! Larger police style lights have lost popularity when it comes to every day carrying because of the size and low power. Most Maglites around the 4D battery range will only produce less than 100 lumens - well the Tac X will produce 200 lumens and a 400+ meter beam!


StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewThe best part about carrying a tactical flashlight (or for our UK fans a tactical "torch") has nothing to do with tactical or military, its best feature is weight! When backpacking or carrying for long periods flashlights can be heavy, with most store bought cases weighing a ton and seldom giving off any large amounts of light. With a light like the Tac X you get a ton of light, twice what a Maglite gives you, all for only 7.1oz with batteries which is nothing when it comes to pack weight!

StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewThis is in part because of the batteries... CR123 batteries are very light and also great for packing around. Two batteries like the Tac X uses only weigh around 40.0 grams compared to the smallest alkaline battery. The AAA weighs 25.0 grams for 2, so for almost the same weight you get three to four times the power over D cell flashlights!



StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewBut with great power comes low run times... Most tactical lights only get around 11/2 to 2 hours of run time, but to StreamLight's credit this lights gets 21/2 hours of run time which is more than I get with some of my tactical lights of the same size!



StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewThe StreamLight Tac X has a much larger and deep parabolic which can be both a bonus and a down side. On one hand you get a long and concentrated beam (over 400 meters) with some spill around the outside, but unless you're using the Tac X for tasks such as targeting on a gun you may not like this feature. Many tactical lights tend to have a very concentrated beam in the center with a little spill around the outside. This is done so that the beam can be pointed like a large laser, allowing the user to locate and target what they are looking at without too much beam filling the sky. This is unlike most standard lights you buy (like Canadian Tire Specials) that light up everything all around, but their beams are much shorter and lower powered.

StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewIn my book I like the best of both worlds, I like the beam with a large spill because I use the light both for targeting and for traveling down trails at night, so it basically comes down to what will you be using it for! If you're more likely to use it for home defense (such as on a gun) you want what the Tac X offers the sharp beam and low spill, but if you're going to use it for just lighting up a trail you may want to get a tactical light that has more spill if you prefer. This is one of the biggest disappointments for people when they order a tactical style light, they think it's going to be all spill only to find that it's more target. Many companies make both and combos of both like the Tac X, so you need to do your research before you buy, but honestly I've used them all and the difference between a full spill and a combo type light like the Tac X is not that big of a deal. I've used them for everything and they work great never had a problem, the only down side is the Tac X is only 200 lumens and after you have used a 600 or 1200 lumens light it spoils you!

StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewEven though the Tac X is only 200 lumens you do get a large beam and spill as you can see from the photo. Two hundred lumens may not seem like much compared to 600 or 1200 lumens, but I will say this: in most cases and with a large parabolic like the Tac X has, 200 Lumens is about all you need. The lower Lumens you get, the longer run time on two batteries. With a 1200 lumen light you would get less then an hour on two batteries, but with the Tac X you get 2 and half hours, to get the same run time you need to use 4 batteries with the larger 1200 or 600 lumen lights and this can cost you a lot in the long run! CR123A batteries can run you from 6 bucks each to 50 cents each depending on where and how many you buy, so you should almost always buy in bulk!

StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewI like a light that is simple when it comes to controls... I own lights, some of which are so complicated that after not using them for a few months you have to go back and read the manual just to remember how to use it! But with the StreamLight products they are super simple to remember and use which wins big points in my book, after all what good is a light if you can't remember how to use it!


StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewThe controls on the Tac X go one click for high, two clicks for strobe and three clicks for low. Simple - right! The biggest worry I have with large face lights like the Tac X is scratching or breaking the lens, and many of the lights like this I've reviewed have not had any covers or ways to protect the face of the light.


StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewStreamLight Super Tac X ReviewI often use the cloth that comes with old glasses and an elastic to cover the face but you don't have to do anything with the Tac X. One, it's polycarbonate and scratch resistant and they say unbreakable but I'm not going to say that because there's people out there and we all know the kind that will try to break anything! But enough though, the light has a quality lens and it comes with a great case. The case covers the full face of the light with a hard lined cover so even knocks and hits to the case will do nothing to it! This is something I think people should do to all flashlights, I know it's bulky but it will go a long way to protecting the light from damage!

StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewStreamLight Super Tac X ReviewThe only thing I don't really like about the Tac X is the pocket clip, it doesn't feel like it should be where it is and feels like it's in the wayu. Luckily StreamLight has designed the clip so it can be removed and you really don't need it on there because you have the sheath to put it in, so you don't have to have it on the light if you're not comfortable with it!


StreamLight Super Tac X ReviewThis StreamLight Super Tac X is fully mountable with an accessories kit (sold separately). You can also pick up remote switches so that the light can be operated without having to remove your hands from the gun. When speaking about making the light weapon mountable, something to think about is this light is very light, so when mounted to a rifle it will add very little weight to the gun, and adding a lot of accessories to a rifle can start to get heavy fast. So if you are running a number of accessories this would make an ideal light weight option to both get a light on your weapon and cut weight!

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