EPIC Stealth Cam UNIT X CAMO Review

EPIC Stealth Cam UNIT X CAMO ReviewOne of the most important pieces of kit you need when hunting, and the most overlooked, is the trail camera. In this day and age you need to scout out a location to hunt, but let's face it most people work and have day-to-day lives, and many don't have time to run around the woods scouting locations and sitting for hours to see if there are in fact deer or moose around.

This becomes even more important when it comes to moose. Here In New Brunswick Canada a moose season can be only 3 days, Sept 26th to the 28th and when you only have three days, you really need to do your homework when it comes to getting a moose!

EPIC Stealth Cam UNIT X CAMO ReviewThis is where a great camera like the UNIT X comes in. Like a recon scout it can do the sitting and looking for you while you're at the office or work, having cameras set up can greatly improve your ability to scout many places at once and still be doing other things like work.


EPIC Stealth Cam UNIT X CAMO ReviewSomething I look for in a trail camera is Camo like the NXT Camo on the UNIT X. This can be important to ensure not so much that animals don't see it but that people don't. You can lose many cameras to theft and my father use to say "what people don't see they don't want"! The real tree Camo on the UNIT X is a great addition to a trail camera allowing you to hide the camera much easier and in the long run saving you time having to setup and conceal the camera!

EPIC Stealth Cam UNIT X CAMO ReviewSome trail cameras have still cameras and some even have video but the UNIT X has both! You can take high resolution photos like 8MP, 3MP or all the way down to 1.3 Megapixels and having this ability to switch from large Megapixel to small can make a big difference both on cost and use. When taking very high quality images like 8MP this will require a larger SD card and in turn less photos on a small card. So if you have multiple cameras like most people do, this can run into the hundreds of dollars just for cards, so the ability to lower the quality and still get great images can save you money in the long run! Also you should consider if you do have a large card and will not be checking the camera everyday, by lowering the quality you can get tons of images on an SD card without having to worry that you're going to miss something if the camera stays out for many days!

EPIC Stealth Cam UNIT X CAMO ReviewThis also comes into play when using HD video, which can be shot in bursts of 10 to 180 seconds. So being able to put any size card in the UNIT X all the way up to 32GB is something to look for in a trail camera. Video takes up a lot of space on SD cards and you want to be able to put in a card that will last the length of time it will be out in the woods. Also remember it's not just taking photos of the target it's taking photos and video of everything that moves so it can use up video very fast over long periods of time!

There are many settings pre-set into the UNIT X which will allow you to setup the camera quite fast and these settings are an assortment of what you would normally use! You have the TRIAD Technology, which will allow you to change from standard photo modes to video and time-lapse modes. You can use the presets or you can program your own by setting how you want to take photos or video and what quality you want it on. You also have a time and date as well as moon phase and temperature read outs, which will show up on your photo giving you a real good idea of the conditions at the time when the photo was taken! This is a very detailed readout allowing you to figure out times, dates and even whether or not they are moving when it's hot or cold out. This may not seem important but it can really help to pinpoint what will be the best time to hunt!

EPIC Stealth Cam UNIT X CAMO ReviewWith the UNIT X you also get some things I think are very useful for a trail camera - a video out (so you can see the video) and a USB out (so you can download photos without removing the camera with a laptop).

If you're wondering what the large amounts of LEDs in the top of the camera are for, there are 38 IR LEDs and at first if you're not familiar with them you will think they don't work! IR LEDs or "Infra red" as the IR stands for are a spectrum of light which humans and animals can't see, but using a special camera or goggles like night vision you would see that these lights are acting like a large flood light or flash lighting up over 40 feet of woods when the flash or camera turns on so you get great shots even at a distance! This is also very important if you want to get quality shots in low light conditions and you should try to get as many LEDs on a trail camera as you can and 38 is more than most! The UNIT X also will give you weeks of use because it takes 8 AA, which is a lot of batteries, but when you look at all what the UNIT does it's justified when you need to run all IR LEDs, HD Video with sound and photo. If you do find yourself needing more power the UNIT X has a 12V jack at the bottom of the unit which can be used to attach an external power box that can even be hooked up to a solar panel for very long term surveillance!

A Time stamp is extremely important on a trail camera as you want to know not just if, but when, the prime time is for the target to come into the area. This way you can be setup and ready for when the big one comes by! With the UNIT X it's stamped right on the bottom of the image, you will find both time and date so you know if he's coming down every Friday at 2pm for a drink! But remember to set it, I didn't set the time and as you can see from the photo it's way off!

The casing of the UNIT X is similar to an Otterbox case, which when opened you can see a watertight seal, and the casing is great for protecting the inner workings of the camera and is very durable to drops and water. But I have to say the black strap that comes with the camera is very visible and makes having a camouflage camera rendered moot! I think that they should have used some kind of camo strap so that it would not be so visible, and as you can see in the photo when strapped to a lighter colored tree it's not hard to miss! I would recommend if you do use the camera strap maybe painting it to help it blend in or replacing it with a piece of camo strapping which is easily done! Although the strap is the only fault I can find with the UNIT X it's an easy fix and not that much of a problem!

Would I recommend this unit? Yes, it's jam packed with features and its compact design allows you to carry a number of them in your pack easily! And the fact you can expand its capabilities by adding solar panels and power packs makes it more versatile in the long run!

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