ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light Review

ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewThe Barracuda XML2 is made by a Canadian company called ArmyTek and has been kindly supplyed for our review. This is the largest tactical light I have reviewed to date. When I first tried the light in the daytime at home I will be honest I didn't think it was much brighter than my Fenix TK30 which Is 630 lumens. It was not until I took the two lights out into the field at night when I really learned just how bright it was!


ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewWhen I took the Barracuda out to the woods on a camping trip and compared it to the TK30, I soon saw that there was no comparison! Once you use the two lights side by side you soon see why. The Barracuda is 1390 lumens, it was very apparent that it was twice as bright, and one warning I will give you everyone is once you use a light like the Barracuda which is 1390 lumens you soon become ArmyTek.Barracuda-03spoiled and you don't want to use anything else! The Barracuda also has something I don't see with a lot of flashlights but I think everyone should do, and that is a silicone coating around the seals. This can improve water-resistance and improve your light's durability, and it wouldn't hurt to pick some up for your lights in the future!

ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewWith the Barracuda you get 1390 lumens with a beam that reaches over 520 meters, which works out to over 1706 feet. When you think about it that's farther than most people can even see! And my amazement didn't stop there. After reading about the light I soon saw that this tactical light is rated 50 meters, or 164 feet, with an underwater rating of IPX-8 which is the highest rating for flashlights and if you're down that far under water your flashlight is the least of your problems!

ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewWith all the power and quality you do have one small down side - it is heavier, not by much but enough that it's noticeable over the TK30. Yes it is heavier but I will say this: the Barracuda feels far more sturdy and durable than many other lights I've reviewed, most of the weight is in the head of the light which does make it ideal for an impact tool if the need should arise!


ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewThe lens of your Barracuda is made from a tempered glass with an anti-reflective coating, similar to what is found in high quality photo lenses. It has a transparency of 98-99% to allow for maximum transference of light.



ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewThe Barracuda takes 4 CR123 batteries or you can also use 18650 2400mAh Li-ion rechargeable as well, with that you get an hour and half run time on full beam. Which I found remarkable because with the TK30 even though it's only 630 lumens you only get around an hour on 4 CR123 batteries so you get twice the power and almost a full half hour run time more with the Barracuda on the same 4 ArmyTek.Barracuda-15CR123 batteries! Now keep in mind run times may vary, but even if they do, they don't vary that much. In my experience it's usually around 15 mins, but even if we say a half hour, you're still getting twice the power for the same size and amount of batteries, so I think its safe to say that the Barracuda uses batteries far better and more efficiently than the TK30!

ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewWith your Barracuda you have a aircraft grade aluminum which is light while very strong, but aluminum is prone to denting if you use it as an impact tool, so the Barracuda has been fashioned with a steel bezel at both ends so it will protect from any damage to the front and tail of the light when hitting hard objects!


ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewI think this is important especially around the face of the light since if you get any large dents it can crack the glass or when using the light cause shadows in the beam. Also as an added touch you can get your bezel with black like I have on mine or gold or silver depending which you like best. This is also useful if you should have friends who work or travel with you who own the same light, you can tell each persons light apart (the bezel can be ordered with either Gold, Black or Silver at time of purchase)!

ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewThis light has a very large beam throw, and I would also call this a tactical style beam, you have a very large and bright center beam with a large spill area around the outside, which is ideal for search and rescue.



ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewOperation of the Barracuda is about as simple as it gets. You have 4 modes for a full beam or what people call turbo, you tighten the head and click the button that will give you its highest setting and it's the one you will use the most. Then you have three modes besides that, by giving the head of the light a slight quarter turn before turning it on. Once you click the button you will get low, and on your next click you get medium then on the third you get high (and on high your first setting where the head is screwed tight is your highest setting). You also can cycle through the different settings by slightly compressing the button before it clicks and each time you do it the Barracuda will switch between high, medium and low. Then by clicking it will lock in that setting.

ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewThe cool features don't stop there. ArmyTek boasts that their flashlights are "The Most Technically Advanced Flashlights In The World" and I can believe it. It has many settings and features but they are easy to use and remember. One of these features is a safety feature where you can give the tail cap a small twist and it will lock the light out so it will not come on, which is great if you're carrying the light in your pack as you don't have to worry about the button becoming compressed in the pack and running till the batteries are dead.

ArmyTek Barracuda 1390 Lumens Tactical Light ReviewWhen you buy your Barracuda it comes in a plastic case similar to what you would see with a power drill and it's lined with foam. I often don't use this case that much unless it's to store the light, as I've found cases like this don't last that long and can wear out fast if you're using them for every day use. On the inside of the case you will get your Barracuda along with a full set of O-rings and spare button (because they will wear out over time - all tactical light buttons and seals do but not all companies give you spares!). You also get a belt sheath that is MOLLE and PAL compatible, which is nice, but if you're using this sheath everyday, day in and day out I do think it will have to be replaced for a more durable one, but hey, what do you want for free!

ArmyTek has a warranty on this light that I think is quite good, they will replace or repair any defective parts or light within 10 years of the day you bought the product. This is far and beyond most companies because you're lucky to get a year on a product and in most cases it can be as little as 30 days!

All In all I'm very pleased with the quality and features of the Barracuda. For the same price of the TK30, you can buy the Barracuda and get twice the power (1390 lumens) on 4 CR123 and you're getting more battery life than the 630 lumen TK30 even though the Barracuda has twice the power, which is phenomenal! I would recommend this light to anyone who wants a high output, high quality light with great run time at a very affordable price!

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