Legacy Premium Meals Review

Legacy Premium Meals ReviewWhen I first started our backpacking I used MREs, and after years of advances in the market of backpacking foods I soon changed my preference to freeze-dried foods. MRE's are great if you live in an area where water is not easy to come by, or if you're on a mission or operations where you will just need to eat right out of the package or you can't stop to make a fire and eat. This is why they are called MRE which stands for Meals Ready to Eat.


Legacy Premium Meals ReviewFor many backpackers weight can be critical when traveling for weeks, and if you want to lower weight and still bring tons of food there is nothing better than a freeze-dried meal! Our friends at totalprepare.ca recently sent me over some meals. We hadn't used the Legacy Premium meals yet, but have heard great things! Recently we took some meals with us on a weekend trip traveling around the Shepody Rd area of New Brunswick over the long weekend and if you live in New Brunswick you know where Shepody Rd is!

Legacy Premium Meals ReviewAfter traveling all day on the buggy's we set up camp at Seely Beach and began cooking some of the Legacy Premium meals. The Pasta Primavera was the one we tried... because the meals are not single serving most of them are 4 servings each, and we were able to feed all 4 people off of one pack! I will say this if you're a big eater you can split the pack easily between two people or you get 4 side servings from each pack!


Legacy Premium Meals ReviewThe meals basically come in powdered form and the pasta is hard, so you want to add 3 cups of water to the mixture and cook them in a frying pan till your pasta is soft or al dente which basically means slightly firm. It took us a while to get it just right but when we did there were no complaints from anyone, we all loved the pasta and were very satisfied with the meal!


Legacy Premium Meals ReviewI will be totally honest, our impressions of kinds of meals vary from meal to meal so when trying these meals I was fully expecting them to be good but not great. This is how you come to think of backpacking food, because some MRE type foods can be horrible, but I'm happy to report these meals turned out fantastic.


Legacy Premium Meals ReviewI do a little cooking from time to time, and I have cooked Pasta Primavera before from scratch. So I can tell you after being out in the woods all day and having a meal to eat like this was phenomenal - tasted every bit as good as home made and my only complaint was I didn't have some parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top!


Legacy Premium Meals ReviewOne of the biggest selling points for me when it comes to meals like the Legacy Premium meals is their shelf life (over 25 years!). With MRE type meals they can last a long time but 5 years is the average shelf life, so if you are storing food for emergency you will find yourself having to rotate old meals for new ones as they get older and having to use up the meals in case they go bad! They don't that often but who wants to take the chance! But with the Legacy Premium meals you get an unreal shelf life of over 25 years, so if you're like me and you want to leave them in a closet long term it's very easy to do, and with a 25 year shelf life you never have to worry about them!

Legacy Premium Meals ReviewHow the meals are able to last so long is they have been totally depleted of any moisture and this is what can make meals go bad fast. Also, they're sealed inside very thick Mylar bags and desiccant to remove air and keep the meals fresher in long term storage! The packaging is also fully waterproof so if you're storing them in the basement or a shed that gets flooded you can rest assured that your meals will be fine! All the meals by themselves are fully waterproof but as an added line of protection they're also shipped inside a waterproof food safe 5-gallon container. This container also adds protection from being crushed (if they are packed under gear in a truck, or if they should fall out). The container keeps them perfectly safe, and these storage containers are interlocking so they're easily stacked and remain safe when doing so, and they can also be used as a seat in a pinch!

The only two down sides I can find with these meals is that the meals come in 4 serving packages. So you will have to either cook the whole pack and eat it or measure out single servings for your self. It's easy to do with a cup but the meals are best for traveling parties where everyone can share or for families. But like I was saying two people can very easily eat a pack if they're hungry! The second down side is you will need to carry a cooking pot or frying pan to cook the meals. Many companies offer meals where you can just pour in bowling water and leave the meal for 10 minutes and it will cook and rehydrate. But with the Legacy Premium you have to use a piece of cookware - not a big deal as most people carry cookware but keep it in mind to make sure you have no problem cooking and have the hardware on hand to do so!

The Legacy Premium meals are also gluten free and I know gluten has become very important over past few years. Many people are finding many food based problems they have are connected to celiac disease and avoiding gluten can be very important, so it's nice to see Legacy is taking those extra steps to make their meals more accessible to everyone , and not many companies bother!

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