Agis Lambda Backpack Review

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewWhen it comes to the outdoors, one of the most important things, is to have a quality backpack, like most people who trek in the woods know you need to have a way to transport your equipment. I personally think that a quality pack, ruck sack or Bergen, depending on what you call it is a must have, I've spent many years dealing with low quality packs and I can tell you, your not saving anything when you skimp on money!



Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewThe Agis Lambda, is a pack I like for many reasons, and there are a few where it could be improved, probably the biggest point I like is the way the straps are designed with a yoke, they have used a system which is almost identical to Eberlestock , With a set of shoulder straps which mount to the pack in the center right between the shoulder blades, years ago I use to use surplus military packs and they all had the same design where the straps mount like all packs and this was always hard on the shoulders under heavy loads. The corners of the pack would dig into the back of your shoulders right where the rear delt is and you would develop painful blisters or welts! This is why I stress how great this system is, it eliminates any shoulder pain and the Agis pack doesn't even touch your shoulders at all, One point I will say is the straps them salves need to be broken in, they are very stiff and could be uncomfortable when you first use them, but like all things before you use them on a long trip you should break them in!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewMany people buy packs but don't know how they are supposed to fit, a backpack is not supposed to ride on your shoulders like most people believe, most of the weight is supposed to ride on your hips, and the shoulder straps are more for holding the pack upright on your back. When carrying weight it should be on your hips, this is for good reason, the body carries weight on the hips much better then the back and when a Agis Lambda is setup right, you will find it far more comfortable and you can carry more weight longer!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewThis suspension system also allows you to adjust the pack to any size, this is something that I like about military packs, most are designed one size fits all, and with this setup, you get the assurance that your pack will fit when it comes. Unlike packs like North Face for instance, which come in Small, Medium and Large, and this is very standard for most civilian backpacks, this can make it very difficult to buy a pack especially on the internet, if you don't know what your doing, or your right size!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewNow lets get right into the features of the Agis Lambda , first off I will lay out the features and benefits and if there is any downside! I will be comparing this pack to the Eberlestock Halftrack a very similar pack that I've also owned! First lets talk price; this is a big deciding factor for most people. Packs can run from 30 dollars all the way up to almost a grand like my Eberlestock terminator pack, The Eberlestock Terminator price in Canada will run you around $996.00 with scabbard, Shipping and taxes, the Agis Lambda will run you around 189.00 and the halftrack will run around $250 to $300 depending on where you buy. I paid well over $300 for my halftrack here in Canada! So you can see that of all the prices the Agis Lambda pack comes in around 100 bucks cheaper, so that's a win right out of the gate!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewThe Lambda fabric is 500D Cordura and the Halftrack is 1000D this has added benefits and some downsides, one using 500D fabric will make the pack much lighter, but your getting a fabric that is half as thick, I've not seen any evidence that using 500D fabric is not as good as 1000D, but Mil-spec is usually 1000D, I personally like the 1000D Cordura, but I have not seen any real short term difference, and in my experience even 500D Cordura is very durable!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewThe buckles on the Lambda are some of the better ones I've seen, Duraflex Mil-spec buckles are very good quality and if you don't think it makes a difference it does! Buckles are a point on a backpack that will get the most use, and if they're low quality you will find yourself breaking them all the time. I've used many packs over the years and even just from the touch I can tell quality buckles from cheap and these are on the high end of quality.

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewZippers, like buckles, zippers are another point on a pack that will go bad fast if they're low quality, Agis has used YKK zippers which are some of the best zippers in the world, but one point I would change is on the side pockets, rain fly pocket and top pocket they used smaller lighter zippers, which I would have gone with a more robust zipper seeing that this is a point where the pack will get most of the use. The larger opening pockets are great and the zippers are the same size as ones used in Eberlestock packs, which I think, are the perfect size to weight ratio.

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewAs far as weight goes a Eberlestock Halftrack will run 6.7LB with nothing in it, and the Agis Lambda runs 4.8LB so you can see that your saving nearly 2lb on the pack alone, and I can tell you from experience every pound counts when backpacking or luging a pack all day. That two pounds can mean a lot if your carrying something like a Hennessy Hammock, which weights 3lb for hammock and tarp combo, so your saving nearly your whole shelter system in weight!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewMolle and pal webbing is useful on a pack, but on packs like this, I have found many of the MOLLE webbing points such as on Eberlestock packs turns out not to be that useful after all. For instance, the side webbing on a Eberlestock pack is great for attaching small pouches, but I found it can be a pain when moving through brush the protruding pouch tends to get caught on branches. On the bottom of the Eberlestock pack you have MOLLE webbing, but I've also found when attaching something like a sleeping bag you will find it bounces around a lot. So these two points of webbing I never even use that much on the Eberlestock, and with the Agis Lambda pack they have limited MOLLE webbing in these areas, which from experience I know your not going to miss! What they have done on the sides is in the large zipper pockets they have added MOLLE webbing, this is hidden till its needed, and also is ideal for attaching things like knives and Multi-tools because you can zip up the pocket over the small pouches keeping them away from dirt till they're needed. Its also useful if your in a populated area you don't want people to see knives and gear you have hanging off your pack. So you can cover it up using the pocket. On each side of the pack you have a catchall pocket. These allow you to carry items attached to the side of the pack using the straps and placing the items in these pockets, this will keep the items from slipping down the side of the pack. But these pockets can also be used for things like water bottles so that they're easily accessible. One point I will make about the side catch all pocket is they are elastic only, where Eberlestock has added a pull-cord and cinchers so you can pull the pocket tight. I think they should add this to the Agis Lambda so after years of use when the elastic in the pocket starts to lose its hold you can still pull it tight. A small thing I know but it's cheap and can make the pack last that much longer!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewAlso on the Lambda they still have added attachment points on the bottom for things such as a sleeping bag if you should want to do that. But they limited it to a 6 webbing loops which is what they do on many packs like Blackhawk for carrying sleeping bags and ropes and It's all that is really needed!


Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewAnother small grievance I have with the Agis pack Is, I love how they have a pocket for your rain fly keeping it accessible if it should start raining, but what I didn't like is they have not included a rainfly, like you get with all Eberlestock packs. Now keep in mind a rain fly for this pack is only 12 bucks and a Eberlestock pack is over $100 bucks more, so you do pay extra for that rainfly. But in my humble opinion for the little money it would cost a company, I think its good practice to include the rainfly.

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewThen again the price and money you save, you can buy a few rainfly's easily, also keep in mind a rainfly is not just good for rain, it's also ideal for keeping dust and mud off your pack when traveling in the back roads on trucks or buggies. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but dust can get into the fabric of a pack and act just like sandpaper as the pack moves, and even the sun these days can wear down the fabric faster, so for the few dollars it will cost you it can be worth it in the long run to keep your pack like new!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewAgis Lambda Backpack ReviewThe Agis Lambda comes in three colors Black, Coyote Brown and Earthen, but buying rainflys can augment this, the rainflys come in Black, Coyote Brown, Earthen and also Multicam and ATACS AU. This is also a good away to save money! I know from experience that buying a pack in Multicam can cost more so if you can't afford to pay 50 to hundreds of dollars extra for a pack in Multicam, you can get a color you like in the Agis Lambda, then just buy a $12 Multicam rain cover which will achieve the same end camoing your pack without spending the extra money!

Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewOrganization on the inside of the Lambda pack is very similar to a Eberlestock packs, but with some added features, you get the divider so you can make two compartments on the inside, along with two long sleeves on each side which can be used for water bladders, with tube holds just above the compartments so you can thread your drinking tube right through to the shoulder strap. There is also attachment hooks for holding drinking bladders in place so there not moving around on you inside the pack.

AGIS.Lambda33Agis Lambda Backpack ReviewThe highly visible interior (light green) is not just my favorite part, this is also the organizer on the main compartment flap, there is a mesh zipper pocket along with a radio pocket and elastic pouch, this radio pouch is ideal for holding a cell phone or FRS radio and even my dual band Wouxun fits perfectly held in place by the retaining strap. In the top flap of the pack you will also find a second zipper mesh pocket for those quick need items. Seeing that we are talking pouches, there is another feature that Eberlestock packs don't have that you get with the Agis Lambda, on the left side of the pack you will find a full length zipper that gives you access to your main compartment, allowing you to get items In the very back of the pack, this is great to get small items that we all find our salves digging for! There is one thing on the inside of the pack that I'm not sure what it's for is a larger 4 x 8 inch hook and loop patch, which is right across from the zipper on the left side, it almost looks like it would be for a pistol mount so you can reach into the pack and pull a pistol from the side zipper, not sure if that's its purpose, or if its designed for some accessory that they will put out later.

Bottom line this pack is well worth the money, and even has some features that not even Eberlestock has And like I was saying even the down sides are not that important and will not be missed,

but the Agis Lambda is a great value for the money and if you want a Eberlestock but don't want to pay out all that money a Agis Lambda is a very affordable option!

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