Leatherman Wave Review

Leatherman Wave ReviewThe Wave is the smaller brother of the Surge. Many of the items found in the Wave are very similar to the Surge. The Wave is similar in size and weight to GERBER and SOG multi-tools, but the cost is far lower. You can pick up a Wave for around $60 to $80 bucks new, where a SOG comes in at around $130 (you can get the SOG cheaper depending on where you buy it). The GERBER Multi-tools are around $84, so you can see in most cases the Leatherman tools come out cheaper if you shop around!


Leatherman Wave ReviewSomething I really liked about the Wave and Surge is the design of the handles. GERBER has a handle design that can trap and pinch your hand when using the tool and closing the pliers. SOG eliminates this by adding plates over the handles, which works very well. But Leatherman doesn't need plates or anything - they have just designed the handles in a way that makes it very easy on the hands while eliminating any need for adding parts to protect the hand. They have designed the handles in what I think is the perfect compromise between protection for the hands and ease of functionality.

Leatherman Wave ReviewThe handles are made very similar to the Surge, and the tools you use the most like knives are on the outside of the tool handles which eliminates any need to open the tools to access the items you would use the most. Tools like screwdrivers and can-openers are housed on the inside because these are the tools you only use some times not every day!


Tools that are incorporated into the Wave are:

• Needlenose Pliers

• Regular Pliers

• Wire Cutters

• Hard-wire Cutters

• 420HC Knife

• 420HC Serrated Knife

• Saw

• Spring-action Scissors

• Wood/Metal File

• Diamond-coated File

• Large Bit Driver (II)

• Small Bit Driver

• Medium Screwdriver

• Ruler (8 inch/19 cm)

• Bottle Opener

• Can Opener

• Wire Stripper

Leatherman Wave ReviewI like that the smaller Wave is lighter and more compact which makes it an ideal choice if you're going to carry it all day or in a pack, but for me I prefer the larger tools in the Surge. The Surge has tools that are large enough to do tasks that a small folder or fix blade could do. The Wave has smaller tools and it can be harder for people with large hands to manipulate. With the Wave you have your scissors on the inside, so you have to deploy the whole tool to get at them, where the Surge has the scissors on the outside, so you don't have to open the whole tool to use your scissors, something you should take into consideration if you're using the tool for cutting with scissors like fly fishing to trim flies or cut lines.

Leatherman Wave ReviewI think that of all the tools, the Leatherman are some of the best thought out. You have small screwdrivers that can be used for glasses or electronics which can be switched from Philips head to flat head, and I've not seen this tool in any of the other multi-tools I own. The Surge and Wave are identical in this aspect. They also both have the same adapter for different screwdriver sets, and this kit is sold separately as a separate accessory kit when you buy your tool. I recommend getting the kit; they run around $15 bucks and expand the capabilities of the tool greatly. With the accessory kit I was able to fix just about anything I would be carrying on my trips.

Leatherman Wave ReviewOne tool I think is very useful that you don't get with the Wave but is on the Surge is an Awl with a thread loop. This tool is very useful for cutting holes or repairing gear such as tents and packs in the field and you should consider if this tool would be useful to you when picking between the Surge and Wave. For me I prefer the Wave for everyday use, but for the backwoods I prefer the Surge as it has large tools and many that are very useful in the woods but some, like the Awl, may not be as useful walking the streets and everyday use!

Leatherman Wave ReviewBoth the Surge and Wave come with two of the best sheaths I've seen with a multi-tool. They are made from a black heavy-duty ballistic nylon with MOLLE on the back. This MOLLE attachment can be quality changed to fit PAL and MOLLE webbing but works just as good on your belt and can be configured to be carried on just about anything! Something notable about the sheath is that even if you cut the strap right off the back you can still attach the sheath using a Tactical Tailor style MOLLE Clip, which is great to know that even if the strap wears out you can still mount it without having to buy a new sheath.

Leatherman Wave ReviewWith the Wave you get a built in File but with your Surge the File can be changed out for a double tooth saw blade, and this is another point that should be considered when picking between the two - will you use it. Personally I like the saw, which is useful for cutting notches and carving. Even though the saw is small it's very capable and can cut through branches around the size of your thumb – for anything bigger you need to get creative and saw all the way around till you get the cut down to a size that is manageable.

Leatherman Wave ReviewLeatherman Wave ReviewWhen it comes to a survival tool I've always said a Multi-tool is best. It's limited in what it can do in each task but vast in the many things it can do. Something you should think of when making up a survival kit is how can I get the most kit for the least amount of weight and having a multi-tool can give you many tools in one package. But you need to remember when you go this route some limitations will arise with a tool that does many tasks. Time and time again when you combine many tools in one you often find Leatherman.wave.10yourself limited in what it can do. Multi-tools are ideal for a kit but you need to remember small screwdrivers and small knives are great and light weight but you will always run into tasks where only the large tool with do and this is the dilemma of multi-tools!

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