ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light Review

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewThe TAC 24 SR3 is something to take notice of if your looking for a quality tactical light and you want a lot for your money! With this tactical light you get so much in this kit that it's the most gear I've seen with a tactical yet in this price range!




ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewWith the TAC 24 SR3 you're getting a quality light that is comparable to any of the lights I've reviewed, but you're getting a lot for the money as the kit comes with flashlight, MOLLE sheath, Lanyard, 2 rechargeable 18650 3.6v batteries and a charging kit. The charging kit is the first one I've used where you can use the charger both for the DC (home wall socket) and AC (car cigarette adapter). This is just the kind of charger you want for your kit, it not only allows you to save batteries but also charge your light anywhere at any time! You also can buy a kit so that this light can be weapon-mounted to almost any rail-compatible weapon.

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewYour sheath with this light is a standard MOLLE or PAL sheath which can be mounted to any compatible gear, and it also has two points where you can holster your batteries - one on each side, and I'm not convinced that the elastic will hold when running or vigorous activity. Maybe that's just me but I feel your backup batteries need to be put in a place where you're not going to lose them, because what good is a backup if it's gone when ExtremeBeam.TAC.24.4you go to get it! Aside from that the sheath is quite good, I just feel personally after awhile with heavy use the elastic will loosen with these types of elastic sided sheaths and need to be replaced. This is why I prefer a pouch style sheath, but again that's my personal preference and may not be for every one!

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewRegarding batteries, I've reviewed even very high-end lights and never have I gotten more than one battery. When you buy a tactical light you're lucky if you get batteries and if you do they tend to be 2 non-rechargeable CR123 batteries that will only last you about 2 hours on high! If you're not buying your CR123 like I do in bulk they can run as much as 10 bucks each depending on where you buy them (I recently saw them at Wal-Mart for 6.99 ExtremeBeam.TAC.24.6each). So you can see how valuable rechargeable batteries can be, and you never get two, you're lucky to get one! Why you want two is, even though this light has 2 rechargeable cells which is the equivalent of 4 CR123s they still go quickly so you want to have one set in the light and another spare so that's really cool that they have put in the amount I would say you need... two batteries allows you to be using one and charging the other so you always have one charging!

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewThis brings me to my next point, because this charger is AC and DC you can use one battery while you charge the other from anywhere, even in the car. This version of the light was made for Search and Rescue and whoever thought out the kit really knew what they where doing, because if you're out on a search you're more likely to need to charge the batteries in the car than in the home. This is one of those small things not all companies think of, and the fact that ExtremeBeam thought this through gets big points in my book!

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewWith the this tactical light you're getting what I would call a true tactical light, with a very strong center beam with flood capability around the outside of the beam. Many tactical lights have less flood on the outside of the beam but I like that it's larger and made for searching. Having the ability to see not just the center but also the surroundings is ideal for the tasks for it was intended! Many companies make a product and just slap some name or label on the product but from the way this flashlight kit is setup and runs, it really shows that ExtremeBeam thought out the light and didn't just throw it together!

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewWith the light itself you're getting the standard settings you look for in a tactical light - high, low, and strobe, nothing fancy but just what you want and need! On high the TAC 24 produces a beam that is 370M which is close to 1200 feet. I own many tactical lights and they tend to be around 200 lumens. At 330 lumens this light surpassed them all - 330 lumens is a very respectable output for a tactical light.

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewI compared this light to ExtremeBeam.TAC.24.10some of my other models I had with me and even though my TK30 was brighter (630 lumens) the TAC24 was quite good in comparison! Also keep in mind that the TK30 is almost twice the lumens, twice the size and has nearly twice the size parabolic as well! But I never got any of the great accessories with the TK30 as I did with the TAC 24 and they come in at close to the same price! So for a little less power you get a larger amount of kit with your light!

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewI also like that the TAC 24 is a matte black. Many of the lights I own are black but they tend to be a shiny black, and I've found that the ExtremeBeam matte black much more appealing! Another point I find appealing is that they went with a double seal design, which increases resistance to water seepage, and like we always says one is good but two is always better. Not all companies do this - many like Fenix go with a one seal design which is good and works - but I feel that with the double design it will resist leakage far longer than just one seal and the TAC 24 also comes with spare seals, so your light should be worry-free for many years!

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewI also like the setup when it comes to function. I own lights where it can be quite difficult to remember how to work them if you haven't used the light for a while, so I like that the TAC 24 is simple. One quick click gives you high, another quick off and on gives you low, and again off and on gives you strobe, and if you want to wait a few seconds and hit it again its reset back to high where you probably want it most of the time anyway! These ExtremeBeam.TAC.24.13functions also work when you slightly compress the button (before the click). This allows you to cycle through the setting without having to click it each time.

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewI've also found this setting to be a down side with these type of lights, if you carry it in the pack and something pushes against the light button it can turn on the flashlight and every time it bumps it can run down the battery. I get around this by just removing the batteries till it's time to use it; I also place these batteries where I can find them in the dark, very important! I feel lights like this should have a small cap similar to what is found on a scope, where you can just push a button and the cap pops up allowing you to operate the light. This would be both a cheap and quick fix to ensure you don't get any accidental discharge in the dark!

ExtremeBeam TAC 24 SR3 Tactical Light ReviewAll in all this is a nice quality light with tons of accessories and features that you will not get with other tactical lights. For the price point this light is a definite buy, you're getting a charge kit and batteries which I know will run you over 60 bucks alone, and that's a lot of accessories for a light that only costs around $150!


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