EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light Review

EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light ReviewThe M4 is a unique light unlike any other I've reviewed. Many tactical lights are different because not all companies make them the same. It comes down to the beam - many tactical lights have a sharp beam in the center and some flood around the outside of the main beam while others have a lesser center beam with more flood allowing the user to buy just what he or she wants.



EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light ReviewThe M4 is unique in this way because you can adjust the beam through the full spectrum of beams - by turning the head of the light you can adjust the beam from sharp center and flood to a much softer center with more flood. Out of all the lights I've reviewed this is the first one where this is possible. So describing the beam is not needed because the way this light has been designed you get the capability to use it in any beam configuration not just one like you do with many other tactical lights! This beam can also reach out to over 1000 feet or 304 meters!

EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light ReviewWhy I think this is a good idea is, if this is your first tactical light it allows you to get a feel for what you need by allowing the user to adjust the beam to use what the end user needs. This way you don't order the wrong type of beam, you can adjust it on the fly for any situation!


EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light ReviewWhen it comes to tactical lights many question the quality and I've seen some mounted to guns and after some shooting they fall apart. If this is something that you want to do, the M4 may be for you! The M4 is compatible to be mounted (with accessories kit sold separately) to just about any gun, even a .50 cal. I think if this light can be mounted to even a .50 cal, it does speak to its durability. In case you don't know what a .50 cal is, it's one of the largest rifles used by military. It fires a round about the same size as this flashlight, and the recoil on a gun like this is so horrific that if you don't hold the gun just right it will send you to the hospital! I feel if the light can take a repetitive pounding like that, its durability is not in question!

EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light ReviewI like the feel of the M4 even better then the TAC 24 SR3, as the TAC 24 has a smoother handle where the M4 has a more rugged feeling one. I also like that they have designed the head of the light with grooves all the way around the back of the head so you can adjust the light even when it's wet or while wearing gloves. If this light didn't have these grooves it would be very difficult to adjust the beam while wearing gloves or if the light was wet your hand would just slide around, so it is very user friendly!

EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light ReviewI also like that the color of the M24 is the same nice flat black as the TAC 24 and I think it's a much nicer color than other tactical lights which are made with a bright shiny black.



EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light ReviewYou do get a wrist strap with the light (I seldom use them) but I wish it had a MOLLE or PAL compatible sheath with it. I'm sure it doesn't to keep the price down, which is not a big deal as you can pick up sheaths for around $15 bucks and really good ones in most cases! But it does come with batteries which is nice, making the light useable right out of the box, and buying batteries can set you back up to $25 bucks alone for 2! This is why I recommend people buy all their batteries in bulk since it can save you a ton of money - buying them one at a time can cost as much as 6 to 15 bucks each depending on where you buy them. By buying in bulk you can get them for as low as 50 cents apiece for really good quality ones! I make a point of telling people this because the price of batteries can turn many off of tactical lights, but if you shop around and buy in bulk you can get them quite cheap and in most cases they have a shelf life of over 10 years, so you don't have to worry about using them up before they go bad! If you don't want to buy batteries you can go with a rechargeable kit, and ExtremeBeam makes some very good ones that you can use to charge your batteries both in your car and home. I have one that came with the TAC 24 and it's great!

EXTREMEBEAM M4 Scirrako Tactical Light ReviewThe output of the light is remarkable for the price. This light has an output of 315 lumens, which is above the output of any light I know of in this price range. This brings me to the biggest buying point for this light the price... I had to check this price 4 times to make sure I was not wrong and even checked a number of websites that sell the M4. This light can be bought for $49 to $60, which is unheard of for a tactical light with the features this M4 has and the output! I think this would be the ideal light for someone looking to get a tactical with a large output but doesn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for one. I think this light is just as good as some of the ones I've used which were over $200 and if I was starting out looking for a quality light at a affordable price I would pick this one up hands down! For features, quality, lumen output and the amazing price, I don't even know of a light that can beat it!

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