Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles Review

Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewThis model of the Helinox Ridgeline Trekking poles is the Lever Lock With Button. The button is just a small push button which will lock into place when the lower part of the poles are deployed "with just a flick", but the lever is the part of the pole where you do most of the adjustment. They come in two models, either twist lock or lever lock. I've used both kinds of poles so it's easy for me to say which are the best (well for me anyway). I like how easy it is to adjust the lever version, very fast and no hassle at all.


Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewI have used these poles for both hiking and snowshoeing as you can see in the photos. What really surprised me was how light they are, I use them all day and never even felt fatigued in anyway! Something other poles I've used don't have that the Ridgelines do is a measuring system on each pole which allows you to adjust your poles very fast, in fact it only took less them a minute to deploy the poles and adjust them! These measurements also come in handy when you need to deploy the poles again - you just adjust them to the number you last used and you're off, it takes seconds!

Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewOlder versions of some poles I've used didn't have the measurements on them, and you would have to spend around five minutes adjusting them so they were both the same length! I know doesn't sound like a lot, but when you have to do it every time you collapse the poles... it can become very old very fast!


Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewI will say I love and hate the color, I tend to like low profile colors and this is one of the reasons I like military gear. I know that Helinox is aware of how popular Multicam is as they make a chair in Multicam, I would love to see these poles in that same camouflage. But the blue as far as colors go is quite nice.


Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewThe grips of the poles are quite comfortable and have an almost felt-like material, which is great for gripping when your hands are wet and the shape is contoured to fit the hand very well. Another love and hate with these poles is the adjustment for the straps - they are difficult to adjust, but I have to admit once they are adjusted the straps never move, I have gone on long hikes and didn't have to adjust them once!

Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewLet's talk about the business end of the pole, the tips. The tips of the poles come with rubber caps, which in my past experience fall off all the time, but not with the Ridgeline Trekking Poles. I didn't have to adjust them at all, even slightly. They held on tight even over long trips both in summer and winter! Hidden under these caps are Tungsten carbide tips. Tungsten or as it used to be called wolfram, is one of the hardest metals and therefore ideal for the tips of a trekking pole because of the hard use the tip will see. Believe me you want a metal that will not wear!

The Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles are made from, and I quote, an "exclusive DAC TH72M alloy - the world's best - lightest AND strongest". I'm not a metallurgist so I don't know the details that go into the making of the DAC TH72M alloy, but it's a very light and durable metal so "jimmy crack corn and I don't care!"

Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewI will have to admit over the years trekking poles have gotten a bad rap, some people think they are not manly enough, but people who say things like that haven't gone on very long treks or use trekking poles because if they did, they would sing a different tune! Trekking poles are one of the most useful and I would say must have items for backpacking or travel.


Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewIf you're traveling on a ridge you can adjust one pole short and one long to compensate for the hilly terrain. Trekking poles also come in handy when traversing rivers as the poles help stabilize you and keep you from falling. Most of all they diminish the work your back has to do to keep you and your pack stable. This means if you have a sore back from backpacking, using trekking poles will help greatly with that and will also allow you to travel much longer distances.

Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles ReviewAs far as durability, I would say they are phenomenal. I tested them out over a long period and I'm a big guy... I would lean on the poles to rest and they took my weight with no bending or flexing, and for a pole that comes in this light and easy to use you can't beat that!



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