Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender Review

Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewLike survival knives, the items you use almost every day will be the same items you will most likely use in a survival situation, as most people know survival situations are not planned and often the items you have on your person will be the ones you will have to survive with.



Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewSunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewThe V11R by Sunwayman is a very popular flashlight, which even I never heard of till I started looking into compact, lightweight EDC flashlights. What first made me take notice of the V11R was its extreme versatility for a small light. Take for example the AP-05 AA extender - it gives you the capability to not only use CR123s and rechargeable 16340 batteries, but by carrying the AA extender you can also use AA batteries and any rechargeables.

Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewThis is a huge selling point for me, in a real survival situation you will need to use what you have on hand. Even if you have a flashlight you may run out of batteries, but the V11R equipped with the AA extender gives you the maximum ability to scavenge batteries from anywhere - NVG units, household remotes, wall clocks, cameras, radios, just about anything that takes a Cr123 or AA battery – and in a survival situation having one light that can convert to use what is available is key!

Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewThe V11R is super light when using lithium batteries and is so compact you can't even see it in the palm of your hand! The light without AA extender is just three and a quarter inches and adding the AA extender makes it just 4 inches, so very compact for an EDC.


Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewSunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewThe output of this light varies depending on what source you're using. If you use 1 16350 rechargeable, you can gain an output of 570 lumens for 25 minutes run time. This comes with a catch though, you can't run the light for over 5 minutes at a time because it will overheat and could damage the light. But something to think about is that I only use a flashlight a few minutes at a time just to spot something, or look at something, and seldom do I even use it for longer than 5 minutes unless I'm searching or traveling in the dark, but again have the capability to do so in a pinch can really help!

Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewSunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewEven under normal use with CR123 or AA batteries you get 216 lumens on high and using the magnetic twist control you can drop that output all the way down to 1 lumen - again not something most people think about but in a survival situation being able to use your light in just such a way can help to conserve power and make it last much longer! On one lumen you can run the light for 35 consecutive hours, and if you're trapped or in a dark spot I would tell you it's a great comfort to have even one lumen! Having the ability to conserve power like that can also save your life!

Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewWith the full 216 lumens you can get 1.5 hours, which is pretty standard with a light of this size, which only takes one CR123. I compared this light to my Olight I10, "which I love", and the V11R had more of a floodlight which is ideal, and seemed to be brighter even though the max lumens on a CR123 for both lights are around the same! The Effective range of the beam is around 139 feet or it just under 45 meters, that's not bad for a light that is just around the size of a rolled up dollar bill!

Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewWhen it comes to EDC (Every Day Carry) weight can become an issue for some people, but the V11R without battery is about 49g so that's nothing for weight when you factor in what this little light can do.



Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewThis version of the V11R came with the AA Extender, and what you get with the full package is one sheath, lanyard, AA extender, pocket clip, full set of spare O-rings, manual and a full stainless steel button assembly. The stainless steel button would be ideal if you want more flash or you're harder on the rubber buttons. You don't get batteries with this light, which is something I like to see when I get a flashlight so its useable right out of the box for the end user, although it's easy enough to buy batteries! But like I recommend for all the flashlights I review, buy your batteries in bulk, Buying them one at a time, you can pay between $3 to $14 depending on where you buy, but buying in bulk you can usually get them for around 2 bucks each and that can really save you money, or you can always go with rechargeables.

Sunwayman V11R With AA Extender ReviewThe V11R is made from an Aerospace Grade Aluminum alloy with a mil spec coating Type III iodization. I like this type of coating because it gives the flashlight an almost silk like feel and its non-reflective. In my experience, often when I see a shiny black coating on a light the first thing that comes to mind is cheap, so I tend to avoid flashlights like that and go for ones with the coating like the V11R, they look and also feel higher quality!

The V11R also had a rating of IPX-8, the highest rating for water-resistant flashlights. I say water resistant, because nothing is waterproof! And if you forget to close it right or misuse it, or it becomes damaged, that rule can be compromised, so it's more of a guideline than a rule! When it comes to flashlights IPX-8 basically means it can be submerged and is hermetically sealed; it also can withstand being submerged for 30 minutes at a depth of 2 meters.

In my humble opinion, this little light gets top marks for its compact and lightweight design and its breadth and capability of features. Its ability to allow you to closely manage your light output, as well as the ability to use a variety of batteries makes it a very versatile tool to carry for survival, and I like it so much I will be replacing my EDC light with this one. I can honestly say this is a true survival light in every sense of the word!

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