Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern Review

Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewNormally I'm not big on lanterns because of the weight and space they take up, so for me to find one I like is something to talk about. I've used many lanterns over the years, and the butane gas versions were not worth the weight... I had a Coleman storm lantern, and it weighed quite a bit and the gas only lasted three one-day trips before I had to get a new gas canister. The irony is it was made for backpacking!

Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewThis is what really caught my attention about the Dorcy LED twin Globe lantern - on 4 "D" batteries (lantern and batteries weighed less then the Coleman by the way) it has a run time on full output of two bulbs and putting out 160 lumens for 175 hours. 175 hours may not sound like a big deal at first so I want to break that down in real use!


Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewOn an average camping trip you would use a lantern around 3 or 4 hours, from when the sun goes down till bed. So factoring lets say 4 hours a night, 175 divided by 4 that gives you almost 44 days of use, Now seeing that I only got three nights from the gas powered Coleman, you can see that you're getting a lot of use out of the small investment, and the benefits don't stop there! You also get 350 hours of run time on just one bulb and on the nightlight you get 600 hours.

Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewA point you really need to think about regarding survival and disaster preparedness is that this lantern can be used safely in any bunker or shelter. You don't have to worry about spills and over time it's far safer to store batteries then gas! Also with batteries today some last 10 to 15 years in storage, so not only is it safer but much more economical in the long run.


Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewNow the Twin Globe is LED, so you're not going to have to worry about fumes, or gases spilling over and catching fire or melting your tent. This is a huge deal for all those people out there who have kids, it makes this lantern much safer knowing it's not going to set fire to anything, nor is it going to be dangerous around small children.


Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewSomething that is also handy especially here in eastern Canada is that this lantern is waterproof. Yes this lantern can be submerged in water and still work so if you're in a boat or just around a lot of water you don't have to worry about it dying on you. If you should find yourself in deep water the lantern also floats so if you drop it you will be able to retrieve it again and this lantern would make an ideal light for night fishing because of these features. The Twin Bulb has a rating of IPX-7; waterproof ratings run from 1 to 8 and IPX-7 gives you a rating of 30 minutes at one meter, which is plenty in my opinion after all this is a lantern not a dive light and you're not going to have it under the water that long if you drop it!

Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewAs far as performance the Twin bulb is great, it has three settings allowing you to switch from an amber nightlight to one or two bulbs. I found even with just one bulb running, it's very bright and if you can get by with just using one bulb it ups your run time all the up to 350 hours.


Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewOn the top of the Twin Bulb you have a nice carrying handle with a pop up hook, for attaching this light to strings and other suspension methods. I do feel the lantern would benefit from this hook being made of metal because this is one of the points that will get a lot of use and strain and is the most likely to break over time, but I do like that they have attached the hook to the handle with a steel pin rather than plastic which shows they are going in the right direction!

Dorcy Twin Globe LED Lantern ReviewAs for as durability I've dropped the lantern many times and it has proven very resilient. The only one thing I can say is, because the shroud of the lantern - the part that covers the light - is made of plastic it will scratch over time so it's best to throw a sock around it or something to ensure it keeps scratch-free longer.

I will admit, it can be a little heavy but this is mostly due to the batteries. I weighed the lantern with batteries and it's just over 2lbs, and this is with plain alkaline batteries so I think if you were to pickup some rechargeables like Eneloops or some kind of lithium rechargeables, which tend to be lighter, I think you could bring that weight even further down.

I really like the light for use in the camp, at home in case the power goes out or any car camping or situation where you don't mind the 2lb weight. It can be bigger than some people what to carry, but I can tell you many lightweight Coleman type lanterns which are made for backpacking can run far heavier than 3lb so if you're looking around for a lantern in this size the weight is low in comparison to most, and makes it a great option for camping, and the run time is phenomenal, so when you compare all the features and price it's well worth the money!

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