Gerber ICON Tanto Folder Review

GERBER ICON Tanto Folder ReviewAfter losing my Gerber 06 I was in need of an everyday folder, I wanted something that would not break the bank but I needed something that was good quality. I will admit what made me think twice was the look of the ICON - it looked similar to an EMERSON knife I saw one day. I almost didn't get the knife because of its low cost. Like most people I see that low cost and think junk! So I took the chance and got one in for a review, I was shocked when I first took it out of the package to find it was very similar to a Kershaw knife I had called the BLUR.

GERBER ICON Tanto Folder ReviewThe Kershaw BLUR was an assisted opening knife I really liked, and to find that the ICON was similar really pleased me! The only difference was the ICON is not assisted-opening, but because police more often than not don't even know the laws when it comes to assisted-opening knives I wanted a knife that wasn't assisted. This way I didn't have to bother with all the problems you have trying to prove to them they are legal – "it's just not worth it".

GERBER ICON Tanto Folder ReviewNow the main difference anyone who has used both knives will notice is the price. The ICON will run around $40 whereas the Kershaw will run you $70 or more. I can tell you after using both they are made from the same quality of materials and the only difference is the assisted opening. Both knives have aluminum handles with a textured inlay and a Tanto blade with serrations.


GERBER ICON Tanto Folder ReviewThe ICON is larger if that's something you're looking for. The ICON is 4.25 inches while the BLUR is only 3 3/8 and the ICON is $30 bucks cheaper which makes it a nice everyday knife. Something to consider when buying an everyday knife for me is cost, I've lost many knives over the years and nothing makes me more mad than losing a knife that you like, but with the ICON one of the big selling points for me was its cost - $40 bucks is a cost that is easily replaceable over more expensive knives I own.

GERBER ICON Tanto Folder ReviewYou should keep in mind, the cost is nothing if the knife is trash and unusable, and I've seen my share, but the ICON has been very useful to me and has not let me down. I've been using this knife for about a month and have been very pleased with the quality and design. The only downside I can even find with the knife is that it doesn't open as smoothly as I would like, in fact the way I open it is to start the blade open and flick my wrist. This seems to open the knife very smoothly and fast, and if you try to take it slowly it becomes more difficult.

GERBER ICON Tanto Folder ReviewI will admit that something I liked more about the BLUR was the thumb-stud. On the Gerber the thumb-stud is rounder and harder on the thumb but Kershaw shaves down one side of the BLUR thumb-stud and I found this to be much easier for opening. Ironically the BLUR is assisted opening and with Kershaw's thumb flick design the thumb stud is almost not even needed!

GERBER ICON Tanto Folder ReviewWhen I go into reviewing a knife I like to forget the price, and see if the knife will hold up to the tasks I do every day. I've seen knives that cost hundreds and were OK but sometimes I come across a knife that costs very little which is often just as good, but this is not the rule... more the exception! It doesn't happen often when I find a knife that can hold up to use like a knife that cost $100 or more, but the ICON has really impressed me.

I also wanted to address what I've seen on the net, some people who have bought this knife have found that the blade doesn't lock up well. After seeing this, I set out to try and see if I could make the lock fail under use. I didn't want to recommend a knife that was going to close on someone's hand, I wouldn't want it to happen to me so I was not going to recommend a knife that did that. I did quite a bit of prying and bending the blade trying to get it to fail, but I was not able to get the knife blade to unlock! From my experience with the knife I was not able to get it to fail in any way and believe me I tried! I know some people have had their knife fail, so I would have to recommend that their knife is faulty and you should take it back!

With every product you buy there is the possibility of getting a bad one. I've had it happen many times with other products but I'm happy to say the ICON worked flawlessly! In closing I will say this, out of all the knives I own many of them are Gerber and I love them! And for someone who has used a great deal of the knives they make I've been very pleased with every one and would recommend them 100%.


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