Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in Review

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in ReviewI recently had the chance to try out a new product from Fiskars, it's one of their new Loppers with PowerGear, and is 27 inches long. The PowerGear system is a vast improvement over old loppers I've used, it allows you to apply a compound system to your cut similar to what would be found in a ratchet like system. They claim that it's 3 times easier to cut with this new 27 inch lopper and I would have to agree.

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in ReviewI've use a number of Loppers over the years and many are very heavy and the cutting power is pretty much what you bring to the table, and if you're not a behemoth of muscle you may find it hard to cut branches. The bypass system cuts out a lot of the resistance when cutting allowing the blade to cut through branches as large as you can fit in the lopper! Resistance is minimal and I think this product would be great for people who find the older version inadequate.



Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in ReviewAnother added feature to this model is less weight, because the handles are made mostly from fiberglass in the same way that Fiskars and Gerber axes are made. This material is very strong and nearly impossible to break so it makes an ideal lightweight handle. Weight can be a factor for many reasons, if you're older and can't operate heavier loppers this may be for you, but you don't have to be weak to reap the benefits of the weight. If you're working in the woods in such fields like cutting lines for surveying or trimming Christmas trees, or maybe you're a mountain biker looking to cut trails, all these tasks involve lugging gear through the woods to cut paths and it never hurts to have a lighter piece of gear.

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in ReviewWe recently used these when we were cutting trails for logging firewood, we needed to cut paths so that they were large enough to get buggies into the area where we were cutting the wood. One of the most important things you need to do is cut small growth trees so that they're not sticking up out of the ground, and if the small stumps are sharp enough they can cut tires and cause you a lot of problems way back in the woods. The Fiskars Loppers were ideal for this task because they were 27 inches, which cut down on a lot of bending over and we only really needed to bend down on very low cuts such as stumps. The length of these loppers was also handy when it came to cutting large overhanging tree branches and shrubs, being able to reach farther allowed the branches to be cut much shorter so they will not have to be trimmed for a while.

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in ReviewThe PowerGear Bypass Loppers allow you to trim trees and branches off very close and clean without have to lug in chainsaws and heavier gear if it's not needed, and as I pointed out even if you're a mountain biker trimming or cutting trails these cutters can be carried in your backpack easily without a lot of weight and this can be important if you're biking miles back into the woods to cut trails. When carrying shovels and tools this can get very heavy after a few miles especially up hill!

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in ReviewThe grips of the Loppers are made from a softer material that both has give and allows for better grip, we used these loppers all day out in the rain and never slipped once on the grips so I can say they are more than adequate for the task!



The blade of the loppers are made from a sharp steel that has been ground to a razor' edge. The blade has also been coated with a non-stick like material which allows for far easier cutting even through stuff like sugar maples and beech. Maple is a very hard wood and so is beech, this is one of the things that really impressed us as the PowerGear Bypass Loppers cut through 2 inch maples and beech like butter with very little resistance and if you're planning to use these on softer woods, I can tell you this, if they will cut maple they will cut just about anything!

My buddies and I were so impressed with how these cutters work that many of them are going out to buy a set for around the home and trails. It's funny that a product that was meant for trimming trees around your home can be extremely useful in many other aspects such as trail cutting and maintenance!

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