Helinox Chair One Review

Helinox Chair One ReviewThe Helinox Chair One caught my eye after doing the review of the Walkstool. I like a chair in the woods, or for things like sporting events and outings. I will admit 90% of the time I don't carry a chair for one reason, weight, they can be heavy and for the weight I like to carry tools so I can make anything I may need. But you don't always have time to make everything; maybe you just want to fish that day.

Helinox Chair One ReviewThe Chair One is a great option if you want a chair and don't want to carry a huge amount of weight. Portable chairs can run anywhere from 5 to 20lb depending on features and the material they're made from. The Chair One however comes in at 900 grams or 1.98lb which in my book is nothing, I have small knives that weigh that much and even your Nalgene bottle full of water weighs more, so just leave the Nalgene bottle empty till you get to a stream and there, you have just saved the weight for this chair... you're welcome!

Helinox Chair One ReviewSomething that comes to mind with such a small weight is quality; after all, you tend to lose quality as the weight drops in camping gear because they use lighter materials, and in turn they have less fabric or minimal quality to save weight. Or it goes the other way that as weight goes down the price goes up, due to lighter but more expensive materials! The Chair One is remarkable in this aspect - not only do you get a weight under 2lb but you're getting materials that are very strong. And the price of the Chair One is still in the realm of affordability for me.

Helinox Chair One ReviewSome points I was concerned were the 4 spots where there is just a pole that slides into the fabric on the bottom and top of the chair. This is where I was sure this type of product would not hold up, but Helinox has done a fantastic job to reinforce these points with a heavy material that feels and looks similar to the Hypalon that is on my Triple Aught Design pack, which is the same material use on zodiac boats, and is very resilient and durable while still being very lightweight and strong. Now I'm a big guy so I was also impressed with the weight these small chairs can hold - up to 145kg or 320lbs. That's impressive for a chair that weighs less than 2lb and I'm sure that will fit just about anyone in most cases!

Helinox Chair One ReviewNot only is the weight of this chair impressive, but the speed with which it can be deployed is even more so. After only setting up the chair once (just so I had some idea how it goes together) I set a timer to see just how long it would take to set it up and be sitting, and I was able to pull the chair out of the bag and be sitting in just over a minute! The setup of the Helinox Chair One is so simple that once out of the bag it almost sets itself up. All the poles are designed similarly to tent poles and have a shock cord running through them. This allows the chair to be snapped together very fast and the back of the chair is a little longer so you know right off which end is up, as far as chairs go I can't see you finding one that can be setup faster!

Helinox Chair One ReviewI know traditional chairs for camping have been heavy or weirdly shaped, but the Chair One is a true chair in every sense of the word: 4 legs, a back and a seat that is reminiscent of a car bucket seat.



Helinox Chair One ReviewThis chair has a lot going for it but it does have one caveat, the legs, they're very pointed with small feet, and this causes the chair to sink into the soil if you're not on real firm ground. This can be remedied by a trick I learned off of YouTube. Go down to your local dollar store and buy 4 tennis balls, make a small slit in each one and place them over the leg ends, this will greatly improve soft ground performance by increasing the displacement of weight over a larger area and cutting down on sinking! In my humble opinion this is a small improvement point, as the chair has a lot going for it, especially with such a small pack size and weight.

Helinox Chair One ReviewHelinox Chair One comes in many colors and what really made me take notice is it's the only chair that I can find which came in Multicam. I know I'm not the only one who loves this Camo which can be used almost anywhere. Now color is not a big deciding factor for me, but being able to get the chair in camouflage patterns is a selling point, or at least a point to take into consideration if you have to choose!


Helinox Chair One ReviewEven the carrying case is made from a lightweight siltarp-like fabric, which is waterproof and weighs almost nothing and has a very high strength to weight ratio. This bag also comes with a pal webbing-like attachment on the back so it can be clipped to any pack on the outside. Something to take note of is, the bag has two handles, one on each end, which double as points where you can place the bag handles over each lower rod which attaches the bottom of the chair before you attach the fabric. This will help to keep the bag in place so you don't lose it and can also serve as a storage pouch for small items like flashlights and lighters to start a fire.

A true overview of this chair is that there is nothing stopping you from buying. It's light weight, very durable and has an ability to hold just about anyone in your camp site, and as far as money goes they run around $100 and in this day and age it's hard to find anything of quality for under $100 these days, so I would have to say that's a reasonable price for a camping chair that should last a great deal of years!

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