SOG Tangle Review

SOG Tangle ReviewThe Tangle is a new offering from SOG. This blade is designed to be a low profile lightweight knife, so they have done away with the handle scales and traded out for an open look with a fully wrapped paracord handle. The Tangle is not necessarily a survival knife; I would say more on the defense side, as the blade is shaped ideally for slashing. I will say the knife holds up well to field use, but with a large belly and short blade, you're getting a knife that's not ideal for things such as batoning wood or cutting large trees. But then again as the old saying goes, the only true survival knife is the one you have on you at the time, so since this is an EDC (every day carry), it's probably going to be more of a survival knife than others you own!

I've found that with a paracord wrapped knife, you get a lot of grip and the added ability to use the paracord if need be, but on a bare hand it can become very hard with prolonged cutting. I would recommend using gloves if you're going to do a lot of cutting over short periods of time. Also having a paracord wrapped handle does allow you to switch out colors depending on what you want to "make it match" if that's important to you.

SOG Tangle ReviewThe blade is a saber grind with a short 3.9-inch blade. It says 3.9 but it feels much shorter because of the design of the blade. The blade is also very wide and I found this also makes the handle feel wide as well. One added feature is the knife feels weighted more towards the blade making it ideal for throwing. I know it says balanced, but to me, having a larger blade helps ensure the blade lands first when throwing, but honestly you can throw any knife with a lot of practice!

I like that the Tangle has 7 feet of paracord. This cordage has been one of the most useful pieces of kit I have every used and 7 feet is close to the amount in a paracord bracelet, so it's like having the cordage from a bracelet on hand as well. The uses for paracord are endless, from tying on gear all the way to braiding it up and using it for repelling. There is nothing paracord will not do, you just need to have enough of it!

SOG Tangle ReviewNow for the sheath, I like Kydex but I've found that molded sheaths like the one with the Tangle tend to be loose, and I like a knife sheath to have a tight grip. This way your knife is not spending all its time wiggling around wearing off the finish as you walk. Don't get me wrong it holds the knife well and with a handle strap I don't think it's going to go anywhere, I just think that the handle strap should be an added feature not the main means of holding the knife. The sheath should be able to do all the holding on its own, even if mounted upside down! The sheath also has a Velcro point on the belt loop that allows you to fold it out and use it like a drop leg sheath, or to fit over larger belts. This can be helpful when it comes to large duty belts or webbing gear.

The handle strap on this sheath also has Velcro under and around the snap. I found this to be useless because the only reason I would use it would be to tighten the strap, but with the snap it doesn't allow for any adjustment and the only way I could see you even utilizing the Velcro is if the snap should fall off then you could still use the strap to retain the knife handle.

SOG Tangle ReviewAnother point with the sheath is they have used standard hex or Allen key bolts but on the backside they have locking nuts, which when tight hold very well but I do have two problems with this. One, the nuts stick out much more than you would see with standard sunken nuts seen on most knives like any of the ESEE knives. And the second problem is you need two tools to tighten them should they come loose! One bolt did as I was using this sheath and it was impossible to get it tightened up until I got some pliers and an Allen key, so I feel this is a big oversight. In the field you might have one tool but you're more then likely not to have two, and that can leave you open to both your tool falling out and you losing it and ending up with no knife! And in a tactical operation I can see having a sheath that can't be tightened and rattles around can be a big problem - all the camo in the world will not help you if you're jingling around in the bush and the same thing can apply to hunting!

Although I like the Tangle the sheath is not up to par with the high standard I've come to expect from SOG! The first SOG knife I ever bought was the Seal 2000 and that knife was phenomenal! I know this knife is only around 100 bucks, but as I've said for many years it's not just important to make a good knife you need to make a quality sheath as well, or it really draws in a negative way from a quality knife!


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