Gear Keepers Review

Gear Keeper ReviewOne useful piece of gear has always been dummy cords, they keep you from dropping your gear even if you think you put it in your pocket. For me dummy cords are a must! I've stopped to do something so many times and laid down a knife or tool and walked away without it. It's easily done when you're traveling or trapping, but with trapping you often come back the same path whereas when traveling you may not come back the same way for years!

Gear Keeper ReviewI know first-hand that this can become pricey, just off the top of my head I have lost three knives and one Gerber tool, and this is why I dummy cord everything! One of the down sides to dummy cords is if you have a few in your pack they can become tangled and more trouble than they are worth, so for me there are two solutions: one, you can use a technique where you thread the cord inside itself over and over, making a chain like weave design that can be deployed when needed, but even better is the Gear Keeper.

180Dummy cords are great but if you have more than one you tend to have to pull all the stuff out to find and untangle the one you need, which can become time consuming - unlike a Gear Keeper which once you have pulled out the tool and used it, it retracts all by itself which keeps it out of the way. Ideal uses would be things such as medical shears, allowing you to put the shears out quickly, but once they aren't needed anymore you just have to let them go and the Gear Keeper will do the rest by retracting them back into a pouch or down to your side out of the way.

Gear Keeper ReviewGear Keepers give you a high-quality reliable retractor, which will keep track of your gear even if you don't. Gear Keeper has many different models, the few I used were the MOLLE attachment version and stud mount version.



Gear Keeper ReviewThe MOLLE version has an attachment point which will allow you to hook it securely to any MOLLE or PAL webbing. This works similarly to a Web dominator and has two open buckles (one on each side) that are attached to the Gear Keeper by a swivel. This allows you to move the Gear Keeper in any direction without the cord becoming tangled.


Gear Keeper ReviewThe MOLLE version also comes with a Velcro strap that attaches to the top of the Gear Keeper. While this eliminates the ability to use the swivel if used, it does give you more options, such as I have done in attaching the Gear Keeper to my flashlight cave on my Triple Aught Design Fast Pack EDC, which the Gear Keeper MOLLE is ideal for.


Gear Keeper ReviewThe other version, the Stud Mount, has a sharp threaded stud coming out the back that allows you to use this item in pouches and backpacks. It can be mounted to any cloth or material that the point can penetrate, and once it's been put through you screw down the cap on the other side and it's going nowhere!



Gear Keeper ReviewIf you should need to use the tool without the Gear Keeper, there is a small release clasp which you can turn and your tool will be released from the cord. This is a must in case you don't need it to be attached at the moment or you're not going to use the tool for a prolonged time.


Gear Keeper also makes many other versions for everything from microphones to tools and even some that are used for diving. They also make two versions of cords, one made of spectra and one made from a wire cable that is coated. They also come in different weights depending if you're using the Gear Keeper for light knives and tools or a heavy sidearm or "pistol". When using a heavier item like a pistol you want the more powerful retractor, if not it will just hang and can be too much for the lighter models to retract!

All in all the Gear Keeper is a fantastic piece of kit, and the small cost of the Gear Keeper and weight is well worth it! They can save you from losing a very expensive knife or tool and if you have ever dropped a camouflage tool or knife in the dark you know what I'm talking about, you can spend all night looking for it, and all that aggravation can be avoided with a small little item like a Gear Keeper!


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