AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam Review

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThe Hoplite is the little brother pack to the Lambda, a pack we reviewed a year or so ago. The Hoplite is similar to the Lambda, but has some changes I like. The Hoplite doesn't have the detachable MOLLE flap; instead it has the MOLLE attached right to the pack. On the sides of the Lambda it has foldaway flaps that hide the MOLLE, but on the Hoplite you have the MOLLE fully exposed so it can be used without having to change anything.





AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThe Hoplite is more of a military style pack, as it's designed so that features such as MOLLE are easily accessible, as opposed to the Lambda where many of the military aspects of the pack can be removed or hidden. The Hoplite is also a little smaller at 2400 cubic inches over the Lambda's 2750 cubic inches. The difference is not noticeable and I don't think you would even miss the 350ci by looking at the pack; it looks like these inches come from the pockets of the side of the Lambda.





AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewFor me if I had to choose between the two I would go with the Hoplite, it's even more similar to the Eberlestock pack I own. One feature I like over the Eberlestock is the sides. Eberlstock has long pockets down each side of the pack, and MOLLE on the sides of these pockets. I've found this to be almost useless as the pack is so wide that you can't really put anything on the large pockets on the sides as they stick out so much they become cumbersome and get in the way in deep brush. And if you don't fill the side pockets and attach anything to the MOLLE you tend to get flopping around because the fabric is loose. This is what is so much better about the Hoplite, you don't have the side pocket so when you mount anything to the MOLLE, it stays taught, and you don't have the movement in the sides of the pack like you do with the Eberlestock. The Hoplite has a similar feel to the Eberlestock G1-little brother, but with a more streamlined shape, unlike the G1 with its more boxy design.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewStarting at the top of you have a small pouch pocket that would fit two Nalgene bottles easily and has both an elastic organizer for things like your pens, small tools and multi-tools, and on the other side you have a mesh pocket which is ideal for small stuff like wallets and keys, or items you need to get at quickly. I tend to keep gear in there such as a poncho and hand tools or towels, things you might want to get to quickly, and you don't want to dig through the whole bag to get at.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewBehind this pouch on the outside you have a row of webbing which can help to attach items such as bedding rolls or clothing. And just behind this is your main opening of the pack. You have a large heavy-duty zipper that opens up fully to give you a top loading pack, but this is not the only access to this pack. You have front panels allowing the pack to be laid down and opened right up so it can be packed to cover every inch. This also comes in handy when retrieving items as even items in the lower part of the pack are easily accessed this way. This is one of my favorite designs of a pack, as it allows you to open the pack up just like a footlocker and you can access everything without having to dig around in the pack. It's also ideal when you carry small items or if you're using the pack as a camera bag.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThe inside of the Hoplite is laid out a little different to the Lambda. With the Hoplite you have a full set of MOLLE straps on the flap of the main compartment while with the Lambda you get a number of pockets for radio and a mesh pocket for small gear items. For me both packs have their benefits in this area, the Hoplite allows you to place pockets and tool pouches on the MOLLE just the way you want it, but the Lambda has all the pockets you might need all laid out and ready to go, so it really comes down to what you need or want, but between the two packs you get some good options.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewAlso on the inside of your main compartment you get two sleeves one on each side with a retaining hook, these pockets can be used for whatever you what but are mainly setup to accommodate a 3 liter water reservoir, allowing the user to carry up to 6 liters of water at a time. You also have a large patch of hook and loop which is around 4" inches by 8" and this is directly adjacent to the side opening, this is a small zipper slot that runs down the side of the pack which is about the size to allow you to put your hand in the pack without opening it. For me this would make an ideal spot to mount a hook and loop holster, and allows easy access to it even if the pack is full. A concealed carrying slot for a pistol is something I have not seen on any large backpack used for hiking, which is a nice option if you need it.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewOn the bottom of the pack you have three rows of MOLLE along with two metal grommet holes and a small zipper pouch. This pouch can be used for whatever your needs are but is designed to carry a rain cover, allowing easy access to the cover in seconds to keep the pack dry.



AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewOne of the best parts of Agis backpacks is their yoke design, this is something that is found on many military packs, and that's an adjustable yoke. I like this so much because often packs come in different sizes, and if you're ordering a pack online and don't know how it will fit, it's easy to order the wrong size. But with packs like the Hoplite, you can adjust the shoulder straps to get a perfect fit every time no matter how large and in charge you are!

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThe straps of the pack have some one-of-a-kind features like MOLLE strapping that run horizontally across the shoulder strap, this is great if you want to mount small MOLLE pouches like pistol mags or multi-tool pouches. I don't see horizontal strap webbing on pack straps, but is welcome, as it makes for easier mounting pouches.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThe waist belt of the Hoplite is a standard military type in that it's removable. This might not be something interesting to most civilians, but this design is used so that the belt can be removed if you're running Web gear, as often web gear can get in the way of waist belts so being able to remove the pack belt makes it a little lighter and one less thing to get in the way for the operator.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThis pack comes in a number of colors like coyote tan, black and most of all Multicam. Not only does this pack come in Multicam but it also has Multicam webbing. Not all companies do this, many just get a webbing that somewhat matches, but I found with the pack being total Multicam it's much more adaptive, as when you're looking at the pack in the bush the strapping or webbing just melts into the pack visually and doesn't catch the eye.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewAGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThe Multicam webbing on this pack is the printed kind, I know some people don't like it and I was one of them. I preferred the woven kind, but I have a boonie hat that has this kind of printed Multicam webbing, and I've been using it for years and I can tell you it's just as new as the day I got it - maybe a little faded but very little. So this has convinced me that this webbing design is every bit as good as the woven kind, well in my case anyway!

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewAGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThe Multicam version of this pack is made from 1000D Cordura fabric, but the other colors are 500D. This has both its up and down side – one, you can get a pack a little lighter if you want, but the drawback is you can only get the lighter packs if you buy the Coyote tan or Black, because the Multicam is 1000D. Not a big deal in my humble opinion; sure the 1000D is thicker and more durable, but for most people's use 500D would be just as good, but if you're hard on gear I would recommend getting the thicker fabric as it should have more wear resistance than the 500D.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewAGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewLike the Lambda pack the Hoplite also has aluminum stays running down the sides of the body just behind the plastic back support on the inside of the pack. These aluminum stays run the full length of the pack in small pockets and can be removed if you should want to take them out, break one, or if the pack should require washing.

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewAGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewAlthough this company is a relative new comer to the market, they have some really nice features to offer: a Lifetime warranty, YKK zippers, heavy reinforced stitching, Duraflex buckles, genuine Cordura fabric, and a very comfortable yoke and waist belt system. All things one should look for in a great pack and at a price tag of $179.00, this makes Agis backpacks ones to consider when buying that next ruck!

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