ESTWING Black Eagle Tomahawk Review

ESTWING BLACK EAGLE TOMAHAWK REVIEWWhen I first saw that Estwing was selling a tomahawk, I was instantly intrigued, as I've used Estwing products for most of my life from axes to framing hammers. Estwing is considered at least by my friends and I to be one of the best, if not the best, name in hammers. So obviously I had to give this tomahawk a try!

ESTWING BLACK EAGLE TOMAHAWK REVIEWFirst off when I received the package and took the tomahawk out of the box I was blown away at how light it was. I was fully expecting it to be twice as heavy as it was. The Black Eagle weights 27 oz but feels so light you can swing it all day like it's nothing. Its look and feel is close to another tomahawk I've reviewed (SOG's Tactical Tomahawk) and if you compare the two you will see that the sheath of the Eastwing is identical to the SOG, and to be perfectly honest I don't like either! Sure they do the job, but a kydex sheath would take both of these tomahawks to a whole new level!

ESTWING BLACK EAGLE TOMAHAWK REVIEWI would have to say if you plan on buying the Black Eagle then I would replace the sheath. Now it's not cheap or low quality, but it's nylon and I feel if you spend the extra money and get a kydex sheath for your tool you will be much happier and it will be far more durable and should last much longer!


You will also notice that the axe head of the Eastwing is very similar to the SOG, but the spike on the back of the Eastwing is far better in my opinion as it's flared, which allows you to strike with it but prevents the spike from penetrating too far and becoming stuck.

ESTWING BLACK EAGLE TOMAHAWK REVIEWThis is key with spike hawks like this that have a long spike, they can become stuck in something and this could be very problematic if you should find yourself fighting with it. The last thing you want to do is get the tomahawk stuck in a piece of body armor or something and lose your means of defense.



The Black Eagle is weighted towards the blade like a good tool should be, but because of this with a little practice you could easily throw this tomahawk, if that was something that interests you. But not something I would recommend... as I was taught you don't throw away your weapon!

ESTWING BLACK EAGLE TOMAHAWK REVIEWSomething that I liked a lot is the handle, it's identical to an Estwing framing hammer only black instead of blue and made of the same quality rubber molded around a one-piece body. Also if you have used a framing hammer you can seamlessly start using this tomahawk with just as much efficiency.



Down the side of the hawk, you will see the Eastwing name... not a huge fan as it's very big but al least it's done in such a way that it's not going to get filled with mud and other things....

ESTWING BLACK EAGLE TOMAHAWK REVIEWThe coating on the black eagle is just that, a black coating that is very shiny. I would like to see a more subdued coating as this tool is being marketed to law-enforcement and military and many such products use a more subdued coating.



As a chopper the Estwing is what I could call a 72-hour bag type of tool, something that is more suited to occasional use in many different circumstances. By that I mean its ideal use would be self-defense, cutting something, prying, but probably not ideal for trying to build a house in the woods or something. If I was to do something where I needed to chop over and over for days I would get an axe, as I don't think a tomahawk is made for this with its lighter smaller blade and just doesn't perform like an axe!

Ideally my thoughts on a tomahawk are to use it like you would a multi-tool, as multi-tools are great at doing a lot of things, but suck for doing any long term carving or being used as a screwdriver all day.

ESTWING BLACK EAGLE TOMAHAWK REVIEWBut don't get me wrong, the Estwing Tomahawk is ideal for what it was made for, but some people don't know what it was made for and try to use it like an axe and become disappointed, as an axe it is not! If you want an axe get an axe, if you want to tool that can do more then just what an axe can do, get a tomahawk.

Also you should take notice that the Eastwing Tomahawks are made from American steel and forged in America, so not only are you getting a quality product made in America but you're also bring manufacturing jobs back to North America, Sure I'm Canadian but I also live in North America and you would have to be a fool to not know how much our two countries are dependent on one another and in need of more quality manufacturing, so I like to support any quality product made in North America!

ESTWING BLACK EAGLE TOMAHAWK REVIEWAll said and done, it all boils down to would I buy it, at its price of around $66 buck here in Canada and at that price, you can't even find a good knife, let alone a good tomahawk. I would recommend it, it's durable, well made and the price is right. The only caveat I would have is it needs a kydex sheath, it's a good tool that should have a good home!


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