ICON Airmada Hard Luck Helmet Review

ICON Airmada Hard Luck Helmet ReviewThis helmet is the ICON Airmade, in the hard luck graphic, designed with the graphic of the number 13, accompanied by scrolling that has a almost zebra like look with fine detailing. Once you get close to the helmet you will see the real work in the graphic, across the chin is the hard lock wording, and skulls, along with spades. As you round to the back you will see a graphic saying "Cheat Death" with a thunder bolt design, combined with Icons 1CON and an upside down horse shoe.

Icon.Helment2On the other side of the helmet you get some more wording, "Tempt Fate' along with the large 13 graphic. At the top of the helmet you will see a scroll along with the words " No Rest For The Wicked. This is a helmet with a lot of graphics and you really need to take a good look to see all that is on the lid, this is why I tried to detail as much as possible!

The helmet has a Rubatone finish that gives it a rubberized flat black look. This finish is found on some computer keyboards as well as some sheaths like Gerber. Rubatone has a soft almost silk like feel to it, some people find that the flat black can heat up as it doesn't reflect the sun like a shiny helmet does, but I think it's a non-issue as the helmet has a lot of white and this would help a lot to reflect heat on hot days.

Icon.Helment3Now graphics aside, let's really get into the helmet and its features. First off you get two shields, one clear and one smoke. One of the best features of the screens on this helmet is down in the lower left you will see a small metal stud. This is called ICONs Prolock shield system, designed to help hold the helmet shield in place under high winds and speeds, and will not even open unless the shield is popped over the small metal divot. At first I thought this would be a hindrance, but after using it for awhile it became second nature to use and you don't even notice the divot after awhile.

When it comes to removing or changing your face shield - maybe it's foggy or the sun is out - you can change out the visor with just a few clicks. All you do is raise the visor to the full open position, then you will see a small lever that when compressed allows you to pop your visor off. With a little practice you can do this in no time, and it's one of the easiest changes I've ever used.

ICON Airmada Hard Luck Helmet ReviewThe outside of the helmet is so well manufactured that the seams and even where the visor closes is flawless, I don't see this on every helmet as some can be poorly constructed and can leave a gap. This can suck in areas like New Brunswick Canada where we get up to 4 days of rain a week, so you want to get a quality helmet that's going to give you some protection from driving rain.

For me venting is key. Where I live, we can have rain one minute, then the next it can be as much as 110 Fahrenheit, so you need to have vents and quality ones, because you want to be able to keep that rain out, but when it gets hot again you still want to have a lot of air flow.

The Airmada lives up to its name with the twin channel super vent that runs front to back channeling forced air across the head and down the back of the helmet exiting out the exhaust vents, along with venting around the chin and forehead. Venting is great but one thing in my book is a must have, that a lot of newer helmets have, is the ability to remove the inner padding of the helmet. The Airmada has one of the best systems I've seen, you can remove the full inners of the helmet to wash them, and as anyone knows after some riding, your helmet can start to smell more like an armpit then a helmet! The Airmada, also uses a high quality wicking material called Hydradry in the liner that doesn't just wick away sweat but allows for quicker drying as well. As a cosmetic note, the Super vent system, when looking sideways at the helmet, has a cool almost Mohawk look to it.

ICON Airmada Hard Luck Helmet ReviewWith the lucky 13 the graphics don't stop with the shell, they run right into the helmet liner with an almost paisley look. I think this really complements the overall look and this is a part of a helmet that a lot of companies will overlook and just put in plain black so it's nice to see ICON is taking it a little further!

The chinstrap is designed so that when the helmet is full buckled it can be quickly removed using a small red tab. When you pull the red tab it pulls on the buckle system in such a way that disconnects the helmet strap. What I like about this is if you use a plastic buckle it can be hard on the skin, but by using this system and a soft strap like this you have a very secure chinstrap, but it's every bit as fast to release as a plastic buckle with out the discomfort!

Another point that struck me was how light the helmet was, as it uses an injection molded polycarbonate, and polycarbonate is used for everything from building supplies to bullet-proof windows because it has a very high strength to weight ratio. I've used a great number of helmets over the years spending time in the wilderness, and this is one of the lighter ones I've used, as some can feel like you wrapped your head in concrete and it sweats accordingly!

This also comes at a price, as this helmet is in the mid range in price. The Airmada is well worth the cost if you plan on using it every day, as cheaper helmets can be cheaper for a reason! Either they don't protect as much or they are super heavy. In order to lower the cost they use lesser materials, so when it comes to helmets you often get what you pay for but not everyone has the money for a high end model, so it's nice to see a mid range helmet with quality features.

The design and fit of the Airmada is in a more oval shape front to back, and it's designed to be a tight fitting helmet. I take a size large in all helmets and a Large in this model fits, but has a more snug fit than some so it all comes down to personal preference. I don't mind it, but some may like a more loose fitting helmet, but remember the looser it is the more likely it will come off or hurt you in a crash if there is too much play, so it's best to get a real feel for what you want and need in a helmet before you order.

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