California Collar Co Leash and collar review

California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewI've been on the lookout for a good dog leash and collar for ages, I've found a few that were ok... but nothing that really suited my taste in quality. I've reviewed a few that seemed to be working out until they broke; one was the top contender but one of the clasps snapped and it wasn't even under heavy stress.




California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewI'm not a picky person but I do feel when someone buys something they should get what they pay for. I'm also the type of person who is willing to pay a little more if the quality is much higher. I came across California Collar Co recently and really felt that just maybe this could be the one. After looking through all they had to offer, something caught my eye. I like simple, but with a lot of companies "Simple" tends to translate into low cost and low quality. I'm not a super fancy person - I like a product that's simple and high quality, and this sounds simple but it's not - many companies can't pull it off, they overdo it or don't even try.

California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewI liked the California Collar Co Basics Collection - simple but very high in quality, just what I was on the hunt for. I received the Basic Buckle Collar and Leather Combo Leash, two products that were just what I've been looking for as I wanted a quality product that had what I need in a leash.



California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewThe Basic Buckle Collar is basic but the quality is in the details. The collar is handcrafted from signature vegetable tanned leather, and this leather is thick but very supple and soft to the touch. Why I feel this is important to mention is, when you think about it, a collar is going to be up against your pet's skin for years! So you don't want any chemicals seeping into their skin or doing them any harm. It's something I feel not everyone takes into account when they buy goods from a pet shop, but they should! Many collars are made of poor quality leathers that are tanned in places like China using god knows what, so I feel leather that has been dyed using traditional methods that have been around for hundreds of years is the best way to go.

California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewAll fittings and clasps are made from solid brass and are not off the shelf items. You can clearly see that these fitting are made from high-end materials as they don't look anything like the ones you get in your local pet shop, the casting feels and looks much higher grade.





California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewCalifornia Collar Co Leash and collar reviewThe clasp of the collar also has a small roller that allows the collar to move smoothly through the clasp without any catching that can damage the leash. These small details are what really sets this company apart, they don't cut any corners when it to comes to quality.



California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewSomething I like a lot about this product is that it's completely assembled with large brass rivets, in fact the collar has three in it alone. For me why I like this is, when it comes to leather if it hasn't been taken care of and has been sewn together what can happen is the thread will wear the leather over time and will compromise the integrity of the leather similar to the way a perforated piece of paper will rip so will the leather. You see this kind of thing in shoes all the time, they tend to rip along the sewn line. With large rivets, it greatly decreases the likelihood of this happening as you only have two points of attachment over many. This is also good when it comes to wear, in my experience, they will last a lot longer than stitching.

California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewThe Leather Combo Leash is just wanted the doctor ordered! I've been looking for a leash that has something that is very useful to me and that's the ability to easily wrap and latch the leash to itself, allowing the leash to be carried on my body when not in use on the dog. You don't see this with leather leashes that often, California Collar Co has done this using large solid brass rings – one's on the handle and there's another one can slide up and down the leash. This second one can be used at the clasp turning the bottom of the leash into a built in collar, making it ideal if you want to just run your dog out quickly or if you need to get control of your dog fast. It gives you a hoop that can be thrown over the dogs neck similar to how a choke collar is used. I wouldn't recommend using it in this way every day as I despise choke collars, but as a training aid to move around dogs that don't pull that much or as an emergency option it's very helpful.

California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewNow let us talk price. Like I say on my site all the time, I do the shopping so people don't have to! I shop around to find the best for the price and at California Collar Co, they have models like the Basics Collection all the way up to very embellished models using Swarovski along with a number of gemstones. I've compared prices from all over the internet including the 6 pet stores in my area, and when I compare those prices for mass-produced collars to what California Collar Co manufactures by hand, there is no comparison! California Collar Co wins out hands down! They're selling at a price that is comparable, but their quality is well beyond what is found in most pet shops!

California Collar Co Leash and collar reviewTo be honest I'm not the kind of person who normally goes into the fancier stuff but I find the products they make at California Collar Co to be very tastefully done, and It makes me rethink embellished collars, I might even pick one up for my dog so he can have a little flash to wear on special occasions!




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