Hydro Flask 32 oz Wide Mouth Review

hydro.flask-2Everyone enjoys the outdoors, but some of us still like the little things that come with a modern life such as cold drinks! Nothing is better than hiking for miles and taking a break with a nice hot or cold drink depending on the season. I was in need of something that I could use for travel and working out but I didn't want a traditional bottle, I wanted something that would keep drinks cold. This is why I contacted Hydro Flask!

hydro.flask-3I was looking for something that could solve a problem I've been having. Yes I wanted it all - I wanted cold drinks to stay cold and I didn't want all the condensation that comes with bottles filled with ice or cold drinks. I've really come to hate every time you pick up a bottle of water and drips fall on your suit, clothing or even ruined furniture. Yes, a small problem but it's annoying!

hydro.flask-4Hydro Flask solves this problem by combining your daily water bottle with a vacuum sealed insulated container made of food grade stainless steel. Old insulated containers back in the day used glass inside and it made them very easy to be broken. Hydro Flask uses a double wall design using stainless steel that has been sealed together and vacuum sealed to create a double wall shell. This provides you with superior thermal values while being extremely durable and preventing the outside air from affecting the contents of the bottle and in turn eliminating any condensation.

hydro.flaskOne of my favorite features Is both interchangeable tops which can be switched to any one of Hydro Flask's different designs such as the straw version which was included in this kit. I also like that the tops are hard insulated plastic that is BPA free, and also have a soft almost rubber like texture on the outside. Only thing I would improve is a little stippling around the edge for a better grip when twisting off, aside from that it's thick and strong and you can replace them if they should get lost or damaged. I think this is very important when it comes to a bottle that's going to last! You can buy different tops as well like the one that came with this kit, a straw lid with not one but two straws.

I also wanted to point out a little detail that I like, on the back of the cardboard display hanger that the lid comes on there's a ruler with measurements for cutting the straw to fit the different bottles. I know it's a small detail, but I love when a company goes that extra step to help the end user, to me it shows they really put thought into the product!

hydro.flask1-2For me I wanted something that I didn't have to keep filling all the time, I drink around 3 to 6 liters a day and often will drink 2 to 3 liters just working out for 2 hours. You don't want to have to keep filling your bottle so having a 32oz is ideal for most people and Hydro Flask even makes 40oz and 64oz models so you can get any size you really need.



hydro.flask1-3What's truly remarkable about the Hydro Flask is that its body is totally stainless steel so it's going to last a long time and best of all you don't have to worry about stuff like BPA which is in just about every plastic bottle these days and studies have shown links to cancer. Now I don't believe in every study as some say one thing and then the following year say another. But I will say this; I always err on the side of caution, and when you're drinking from a bottle all day every day you want something that is going to be its purest, because even small traces of anything over prolonged use can be harmful and there's nothings purer than stainless steel which is why it's so popular these days!

hydro.flask1-4Stainless steel if taken care of right, can last pretty much forever, not to mention it doesn't transfer or hold smells or taste so it's ideal for food. Something I did notice over other stainless-steel bottles I own is drinking from it, the Hydro Flask bottle has a very polished lip, which makes for a more enjoyable drinking experience. Some bottles I've used have had rougher lip edges and I've found this to feel weird near the mouth. Hydro Flask feels more like metal cutlery that you're using every day. I also wanted to mention the coating on the outside, it's a powder coat that's very strong and almost feels like a dura coat found on guns with an almost micro texture to it.

hydro.flask1Now let's talk about what we really want to know does it work for hot and cold, the simple answer is Yes! The long answer is it doesn't work just good it works very well, keeping your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks like hot chocolate or soup hot for up to 12 hours. Now I'm going to state the obvious these quoted times are depending on the temperature of what you put in. You can't put in lukewarm water and expect it to be cold for 24 hours but if you put in water with a lot of ice it will stay frosty much longer. Also keep in mind it's like a fridge, if you open it up over and over it can cool down much faster.

Is it worth the money? That's the real question, and if you're going to use it like I do every day, it's well worth the investment. After all you can pay $20 bucks just for a plain branded plastic bottle with no insulation at all. So, for one that's insulated, made of stainless steel and if taken care of could last a very long time, I would definitely say it's worth the money!

To Check Out Hydro Flask products go to www.hydroflask.com