RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes Review

RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewI've been very pleased with the products coming from one company so logically they were my first choice, Ruffwear. Knowing what's on the market for dog gear, nothing I've seen really compares to the products that Ruffwear makes. So, I contacted Ruffwear to see if it was possible to give their winter boot a try!



RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewRuffwear's winter boot is called the POLAR TREX, and I want to say I'm not big on the term fan boy, but sometimes a company puts out consistently quality products and I really do feel like one. To be honest Ruffwear products are nothing short of amazing, compared to other products on the market. Yes, they do cost a little more, but you need to factor in how long a quality product will last and how much it will cost you to buy cheaper products over and over.

RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewRuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewThe POLAR TREX Shoes cost $99 USD but compare this to the much cheaper (quality) versions I have bought like MUTTLUCKS. I paid almost $70 for the MUTTLUKS and they don't even really compare to the quality of the Ruffwear POLAR TREX. The POLAR TREX shoes look more like a quality human shoe and they even have Vibram soles just like a high-quality running shoe.

RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewThe sole is firmer and makes for placing the shoes on your dog much faster and easier than the mitten-like feel of the MUTTLUCKS. This also makes for easier walking as the shoe is stiffer and your pet doesn't feel every little sharp piece of ice or rock. Something that I wasn't prepared for was how much grip they add to your dog's feet. My pet was able to have a much firmer grip on the ground, so much so that I noticed it myself when he was on the leash. The soles seem to be optimized for cold weather and ice and don't get hard and slippy like you would expect with a plastic or rubber sole.

RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewThe shoe its self has a Lycra-like material around the cuff with a zipper that runs up the front and this is where the attention to detail comes in. Ruffwear even put a small tab that holds the zipper down so it will not flop open on your pet. I also wanted to mention these zippers are YKK zippers, one of the best brands on the market.



RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewThis style of cuff is far superior to others I've used as it stays in place and doesn't allow snow to get in. Something I hated with the MUTTLUCKS was all the time the cuffs would fill up with snow and pack in around my dogs' ankles. Often, I would have to dig the snow out because the cuffs were just like a sweater cuff and allowed snow to gather around the ankle.



RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewThis is why I feel the Ruffwear POLAR TREX are more of a performance product. One down side to the Ruffwear boots my dog noticed is when removing the boots there wasn't any snow to eat. My dog got so used to having snow in the old boots that every time we came home, he formed a habit of eating it when I took off the shoes, so in his own way, I guess he was also shocked how well they kept the snow out!


RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewThe POLAR TREX even have a neoprene-like inner cuff to stop snow from getting into the shoe if any snow should get in the cuff. They're very well made and thought out, and sure a few dollars more but far superior in quality! One thing that MUTTLUCKS had I wish they included with the POLAR TREX, is a little mesh bag to store the shoes while they dry. It's quite handy for keeping these little shoes in one place and allowing the air to get at them when they're wet. Nevertheless I took the label off the MUTTLUCKS bag and I'm now using it for the POLAR TREX, but might be a good addition for Ruffwear to add one in with the shoe kit seeing as it's cheap to make and really comes in handy to keep all the shoes in one place!

Under this cuff you will find a Velcro strap that goes around the pet's paw, just above the pad, that prevents the shoes from slipping off. Something that surprised me was that the little loop the strap goes through isn't plastic but rather coated metal, just another detail that shows how much extra quality goes into Ruffwear products.

RuffWear Polar Trex Shoes ReviewRuffwear has designed their POLAR TREX with a breathable, lightweight rip-stop fabric that has an almost fleece-like feel on the inside. On the toe, you have a heavy-duty toe cover along with a reflective stripe that's visible in low light conditions.

Something which was a pain at first was the two sets of shoes are different sizes, you really had to look at them to see which one was larger before you put them on. I got around this by putting a small F on the two front shoes with a sharpie, this gave me a quick reference point to know right away which is which. There is a sizing indicator hidden under the Velcro strap but you have to undo the strap to see it so for me placing the sharpie mark is faster. After I did so I then noticed that the two shoes had different size print on the Ruffwear name that was on the toe, so that's also a quick way to reference which one is larger.

One of the best things about the POLAR TREX is they come in sets of 2 or 4, this allows you to get a perfect fit as dog's feet are like people's and tend to be different sizes. My dog's front feet are just a little larger than the back ones but using Ruffwear's sizing charts helped to get the right size - they fit perfectly. A lot of other companies only sell one size to fit all paws. This one size approach is not ideal as the shoe can float around on the foot and end up causing your dog to fall or hurt itself. Like you or me our shoes need to fit right or they can become dangerous!

Bottom line I love Ruffwear products and I'm one of their biggest fans, I feel they really are the measurement that all other dog products should be compared to! I'm always impressed at the quality and my dog really loves the boots. I know what you're thinking, how do I know my dog loves them? Every time I get ready to go out he brings me in his shoes to put on, something I never taught him or told him to do, he just likes wearing them!

Often dogs will fuss with items they're wearing if they don't fit right, or hide when you try to put them on. But I've never had a problem with Ruffwear, quality is always flawless and fitting is always right on point. Even more importantly their products last and that's what makes them worth your money!


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