Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife ReviewFallkniven knives are considered to be some of the best production knives in the world. I know a number of friends who own them and swear by them. I chose the A1 because of its size and weight; for me, if you're going to carry only one knife it needs to be up to all tasks.


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BESH VP-100 The Ultimate Combat Dagger Review

VP-100 The Ultimate Combat DaggerI've learned a lot in my life time, doing martial arts and reviewing knives, also talking to guys who've use them in combat and assimilating information wherever I could find it. One thing I've learned is that stiletto knives or combat daggers have been used for as long as combat has been around, but most have the same flaw - and anyone who has used them can testify this to be true - weak tips.

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ESEE laser Strike Review

ESEE laser Strike ReviewThe ESEE laser Strike started out as a TOPS Brand knife many years ago then ESEE started to produce them. I will admit right off the bat, I'm a huge fan of ESEE and they make some of the best survival knives on the market at a reasonable price! The ESEE Laser Strike is one that is a true survival knife through and through, and even has some hidden features that are just for survival!

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SOG GROWL ReviewBrous is a custom knife maker who has designed a few models of knives for SOG like this model, the GROWL. The first thing that strikes you is how heavy the knife is at 5.4OZ, being fully stainless steel with a satin finish and sporting glass reinforced nylon handles, which is a material similar to GERBER SOG axe handles. I personally prefer micarta as this glass reinforced nylon tends to be smooth and slippery when wet if they don't have a lot of ridges or stippling, but on the other side the smoothness can work in your favor when it comes to carving as it's much easier on the hand over a knife that does have a lot of stippling.

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AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam Review

AGIS Hoplite Backpack Mulitcam ReviewThe Hoplite is the little brother pack to the Lambda, a pack we reviewed a year or so ago. The Hoplite is similar to the Lambda, but has some changes I like. The Hoplite doesn't have the detachable MOLLE flap; instead it has the MOLLE attached right to the pack. On the sides of the Lambda it has foldaway flaps that hide the MOLLE, but on the Hoplite you have the MOLLE fully exposed so it can be used without having to change anything.





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Ruffwear Approach Pack Review

Ruffwear Approach Pack ReviewI've been reviewing products for over 8 years and in those 8 years I've really learned what quality is. One thing when it comes to pet gear, 90% of what I've looked at is not made to the specs I'm used to. Me, I like a product to be worth the money you're shelling out for it.


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Firstaidcanada.com Trauma Crisis Kit – Standard

When it comes to medial supplies many people today who are fans of military gear are using IFAKs, which stands for individual first aid kit. It gives you a compact and well-stocked kit for immediate help if you should become hurt.

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Chinook Medical MinimalistPAK Review

Chinook Medical MinimalistPAK ReviewI received this little pack from Chinook medical and more pleased I could not be. The pack seems small and the cost of the pack is very reasonable at $26.95; at first I didn't think it had that much in it, but after taking some time to really check the pack out I was surprised.

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Gear Keepers Review

Gear Keeper ReviewOne useful piece of gear has always been dummy cords, they keep you from dropping your gear even if you think you put it in your pocket. For me dummy cords are a must! I've stopped to do something so many times and laid down a knife or tool and walked away without it. It's easily done when you're traveling or trapping, but with trapping you often come back the same path whereas when traveling you may not come back the same way for years!

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Land Shark Bivi Review

smallbagI found this product on the internet one day while looking up some gear and was instantly intrigued,. The Land Shark bivi , or bivy, is a small shelter made for one person that is designed to be an emergency shelter, but it has some neat benefits that no other bivi has!



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