Gear Keepers Review

Gear Keeper ReviewOne useful piece of gear has always been dummy cords, they keep you from dropping your gear even if you think you put it in your pocket. For me dummy cords are a must! I've stopped to do something so many times and laid down a knife or tool and walked away without it. It's easily done when you're traveling or trapping, but with trapping you often come back the same path whereas when traveling you may not come back the same way for years!

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Land Shark Bivi Review

smallbagI found this product on the internet one day while looking up some gear and was instantly intrigued,. The Land Shark bivi , or bivy, is a small shelter made for one person that is designed to be an emergency shelter, but it has some neat benefits that no other bivi has!



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BaoFeng portable two-way radio UV-5RE Review

BaoFeng UV.5RE ReviewWhen it comes to survival and preparing for disasters and storms, there are many options for communications. Often people will say "well I will just call on my cell phone" but this shows how little they know. In a real emergency cell towers can be down and as anyone who owns a cell will tell you even at the best of times they will not work when you need them!

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The Scout SlingShot Gen2 Review

The Scout SlingShot Gen 2 ReviewI've been doing a lot of thinking about survival weapons and searching on the Internet... typically I like the bow, it's easy to use & repair and you can make arrows just about anywhere and from anything, but they can be a little bulky. So this brings me to what I think is one of the best survival tools when it comes to getting food for your bug out bag, a slingshot.

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SOG Tangle Review

SOG Tangle ReviewThe Tangle is a new offering from SOG. This blade is designed to be a low profile lightweight knife, so they have done away with the handle scales and traded out for an open look with a fully wrapped paracord handle. The Tangle is not necessarily a survival knife; I would say more on the defense side, as the blade is shaped ideally for slashing. I will say the knife holds up well to field use, but with a large belly and short blade, you're getting a knife that's not ideal for things such as batoning wood or cutting large trees. But then again as the old saying goes, the only true survival knife is the one you have on you at the time, so since this is an EDC (every day carry), it's probably going to be more of a survival knife than others you own!

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SOG Backcountry Axe Review

SOG Backcountry Axe ReviewThe Backcountry is an offering from SOG and is made just the way I’ve been saying Gerber and Fiskars should have done years ago. They all had hollow handles and you should put something up there, like survival tools or something, as it feels like a waste of space.

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Leatherman OHT Multitool Review

Leatherman OHT Multitool ReviewThe Leatherman OHT ("One Hand Tool") is a similar design to some Gerber tools but that is where the similarities stop! This tool is like Gerber in the way that it deploys from the center of the tool rather than having to fold it open. This is one of the features I like about Gerber but Leatherman has taken this style to a whole new level.

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Helinox Chair One Review

Helinox Chair One ReviewThe Helinox Chair One caught my eye after doing the review of the Walkstool. I like a chair in the woods, or for things like sporting events and outings. I will admit 90% of the time I don't carry a chair for one reason, weight, they can be heavy and for the weight I like to carry tools so I can make anything I may need. But you don't always have time to make everything; maybe you just want to fish that day.

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Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in Review

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper 27in ReviewI recently had the chance to try out a new product from Fiskars, it's one of their new Loppers with PowerGear, and is 27 inches long. The PowerGear system is a vast improvement over old loppers I've used, it allows you to apply a compound system to your cut similar to what would be found in a ratchet like system. They claim that it's 3 times easier to cut with this new 27 inch lopper and I would have to agree.

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Gerber ICON Tanto Folder Review

GERBER ICON Tanto Folder ReviewAfter losing my Gerber 06 I was in need of an everyday folder, I wanted something that would not break the bank but I needed something that was good quality. I will admit what made me think twice was the look of the ICON - it looked similar to an EMERSON knife I saw one day. I almost didn't get the knife because of its low cost. Like most people I see that low cost and think junk! So I took the chance and got one in for a review, I was shocked when I first took it out of the package to find it was very similar to a Kershaw knife I had called the BLUR.

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